3 Best Aftermarket Trigger For Hellcat Pro

If you have the Springfield Hellcat, you may be interested in getting some trigger upgrades. So here are some of the best aftermarket trigger for Hellcat Pro and the original Hellcat.

A great trigger system involves smooth trigger pull, crisp reset and break. In addition, trigger spring, striker sleeve and striker are just as important when upgrading. 

Please note that some trigger system may not fit both Hellcat models.

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Apex Action Enhancement Hellcat Pro Trigger Upgrade

best hellcat trigger upgrade

The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger is a quick and easy way to improve your Hellcat's trigger system. It enhances the feel of the trigger pull without reducing factory safety values, which is crucial for any aftermarket trigger. 

After a short break-in period, the Action Enhancement Trigger takes the trigger pull weight to about 5.0 lbs. It provides a smooth uptake and reset, reducing overall travel and reset distance. This is one of the easiest and best Hellcat Pro trigger upgrade options out there on the market.

M Carbo Hellcat Trigger Spring Kit

hellcat pro trigger upgrade

The M Carbo trigger upgrade for the Springfield Hellcat enhances the firearm's performance and reliability. Initially, users were faced issues with the original plastic striker sleeve breaking due to trigger pull reduction. This issue, common in many manufacturers trying to cut costs, was resolved by introducing a stainless steel striker sleeve. 

This upgrade not only prevents breakage but also allows for a lighter, smoother, and cleaner trigger pull. We've ensured the upgrade is 100% reliable, functional, and safe, even with hard primers. It's compatible with S&B ammo and contributes to the growing trend of micro-compact firearms. 

ITTS Tyrant Hellcat Trigger

hellcat pro trigger upgrade

The Tyrant CNC ITTS Hellcat trigger upgrade offers a range of benefits for Springfield Hellcat owners. This system enhances your firearm's performance by providing a smoother, more precise trigger action. Unlike the factory trigger, the Tyrant ITTS trigger uses small Allen keyed screws instead of roll pins, making installation easier and less prone to error. This feature alone can save you time and potential frustration during the installation process.

Moreover, the Tyrant ITTS trigger is designed to work seamlessly with your Hellcat Pro, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. If you already own a Springfield Hellcat with a factory trigger, upgrading to the Tyrant ITTS trigger can significantly enhance your shooting experience. The upgrade process is straightforward and can be done at home with minimal tools, making it a practical and beneficial modification for any Hellcat owner.

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