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Shooting enthusiasts enjoy a range of shooting activities, including casual plinking, competition shooting, tactical shooting, or simply having fun trying out different firearm setups. 

There are numerous shooting activities hosted for civilians. These activities allow them to improve their skills and experience the thrill of shooting while on the move.

These include:

  • IDPA
  • Live Shoot House
  • Force On Force Airsoft Training
  • Scenario Based Training

Engaging targets at different distances and positions is much more exciting than testing your gear at a mundane 25-yard indoor range.


Whether you buy a stock firearm or building one from scratch, there are unlimited amount of options to fine tune them like a sports car. You can start at any price range as you see fit, and build as you go until your heart's content.

One of the greatest advantages of building a firearm is the immense flexibility it offers. You have the power to select the specific components that will make up your firearm, from the barrel and the receiver to the trigger mechanism and the stock. This freedom allows you to tailor your firearm's performance, ergonomics, and aesthetics to your individual liking.


geissele super dynamic lightening bow trigger

Whether you're a competitor, a tactical shooter, or just someone who enjoys shooting at the range, the key to getting better is to practice and try out different accessories and upgrades such as optics, trigger, grips, stocks, sling and more.

Keep what works for you and let go of the ones that don't. That's what makes it enjoyable and fun.


eotech pov

it is crucial to set up your firearm and gear in a manner that is optimized for the specific task at hand, whether it's night-time tactical shooting, competition shooting, or home defense. Understanding how to properly configure your firearm and gear for different purposes is just as important as developing your shooting skills.  

Customizing your firearm with appropriate accessories, optics, sights, triggers, and other modifications allows you to optimize performance, improve ergonomics, improve your shooting capabilities, and better meet the demands of the intended purpose.


Shooting is a perishable skill, and consistent practice is the key to get good. Live ammo training is the best, but dry firing drill (Mantis X10 and Mantis Blackbeard Auto Trigger Reset Trainer is just as important. Regular dry firing sessions at home, combined with live ammo training when possible, create a comprehensive training regimen that reinforces shooting skills. 

Get a shot timer to track your split time is the best tool you will take to the range instead of bring bunch of useless ninja junk. Check out which shot timer to get here.

After mastering the basics, we can better enjoy the additional features of aftermarket accessories, like grip angle adjustments, specific reduced weight components, trigger bow options, raised optic height mounts, single stage trigger upgrades, and other ergonomic improvements.

Change up different styles of target and drills can introduces variety and realism to your training. This approach challenges different aspects of your shooting abilities, improves your overall skill set, and better prepares you for a wide range of shooting scenarios.

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