AR15 Rifles

ar15 parts breakdown

AR 15 Parts Breakdown

The AR15 platform is the most popular rifle system for people to study. There are plenty of materials and data to help us understand its design and parts functionality.  This guide delves into the basics of AR15 Anatomy and parts breakdown, so you know exactly what each part does and how to fix them if they …

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eugene stoner

Who Invented The AR15

While Eugene Stoner is often credited as the main designer of the AR-15, the design was a collaborative effort. The team included Robert Fremont and Jim Sullivan, who played crucial roles in the weapon’s development.The original design of the AR-15 was intended as a modern sporting rifle for civilian use. It was only later that …

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How To Build An AR15

Building an AR15 is a lot of fun. There are tons of options available, and in the process of building an AR15, you will also learn a ton about this firearm platform. Before building an AR15, you probably have an idea on what type of rifle you want to build. Home DefenseHigh Volume Range Training RifleHuntingClone ProjectsPrecision …

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Build Or Buy AR 15?

Building your own gun can be a rewarding experience and the AR15 platform provides users tons of learning opportunities compared to other firearm platforms. The main benefit is the level of customization it allows when building one from scratch.  With the growing popularity of AR-15s, many people have discovered the joy of building their own …

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What Does AR15 Stand For

AR-15-platform rifles are some of the most sought-after firearms on the market. In many ways, it’s the face of the firearm world. The “AR” in “AR-15” comes from ArmaLite, the company that first developed this rifle in the 1950s. It’s important to note that “AR” doesn’t mean “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle, commonly mistaken in …

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