9 Best M Lok Rail Covers

Here are some best M LOK Rail covers to protect unused mounting slots and cord protection. These are brands and products based on my personal experiences as well as others in the shooting community. 

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Slate Black Industries M-Lok Rail Panels: Praised for their affordability, aesthetic appeal, and compatibility with Magpul colors. Their handstop also received positive remarks.

slate black industries mlok rail panels

Referenced Slate Black Industries

BCM MCMR MLOK Rail Covers: These BCM MLOK rail covers are appreciated for their reasonable price, satisfactory texture, and slim design, making them easy to tailor for various front-end configurations. Simple installation

bcm mlok mcmr rail cover

Wise Men Co. Hot Pocket: Noted for being a rail wrap that includes M-Lok slots, offering a unique approach to rail covers.

Some users are drawn to them for their potential to reduce heat on the rail, but some don't like blocking of airflow around the handguard. Its a niche product that enhances aesthetics.

wise men company sd rail wrap

Magpul Type 2: Highly regarded for their grippy texture, cost-effectiveness, extensive coverage, and ease of modification to accommodate other M-Lok attachments. 

magpul mlok rail covers type 2

Strike Industries MLOK Cable Management Covers: They're a game-changer for keeping things tidy on your MLOK firearm handguards. With the SI CMS, you have a dedicated spot to route and secure those loose wires right inside the cover. You can run cables along the handguard, switch sides, or even loop them around in a U-shape.

strike industries mlok cable management covers

Railscales (Dragon, Minidot in G10): Favored for their design and material quality, though some comments pointed out their higher price. The recommendation was to avoid polymer versions and opt for G10 material for better durability and heat resistance.

railscales mlok g10 rail covers

Griffin Rail Shield Kit: Mentioned by the original poster as an option they had but were considering alternatives. Another user expressed a liking for Griffin products without specifying why.

griffin armament m lok rail cover

VZ Grips Rail Covers: Liked for their quality but criticized for their high cost. Some users may look for other options listed in this guide. 

vz mlok slot rail cover

Geissele Rail Covers: Recommended by a user for their quality, especially for those building a rifle with a Geissele rail. These are smaller sections that the user can use if they don't want a full length panel.

geissele mlok rail cover type 2

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