4 Best Anti Rotation Pin Sets

Here are the 4 best anti rotation pin sets for the AR15 lower receiver. Their job is to prevent the trigger group pins from sliding out and provides solid fixed pivoting points for the hammer and trigger. 

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KNS Anti Walk Pins

kns anti rotational pins

Traditional trigger and hammer pins can suffer from a recurring issue known as pin creep. This phenomenon involves the constant rotation of the pins within the receiver, leading to wear and tear on the receiver walls. Such rotation weakens the structure and compromises the overall performance and longevity of the firearm.

The solution lies in non-rotating trigger and hammer pins, equipped with anti-creep retainers. These retainers effectively prevent the pins from incessantly rotating during extended firing sessions, ensuring the receiver walls remain robust and intact.

The pins' stability and resistance to rotation contribute to consistent trigger pull and reset, facilitating rapid follow-up shots and enhancing overall shooting performance.

Rise Armament Anti Walk Pins

AR15 receivers come in various widths, especially in the trigger/hammer pin area, depending on the manufacturer. If you find that the pins are too long for your receiver, there is a solution.

By carefully filing material from both ends of the pins, you can shorten them slightly. It's important to file the material evenly to maintain balance. 

Strike Industries Anti Walk Pins

The SI Anti-Rotation/Anti-Walk Pin Kit is designed with convenience in mind. Its toolless installation and disassembly feature enables effortless maintenance.

For shooters who rely on drop-in trigger packs, the additional retention provided by our pin kit is essential. It ensures that your trigger remains securely in place, even during rapid or forceful firing sequences. This added level of stability allows you to focus on your target without worrying about any movement or displacement of critical components.


What Size Pin Holes For AR15 Lower Receiver?

Most AR15 lower receivers accept small pin hole sized for 0.154" in diameter

Difference Between Anti Walk and Anti Rotation Pins

When it comes to AR-15 rifles, there has been a heated debate surrounding two types of pins: "anti-walk" and "anti-rotation" pins. 

Standard Hammer and Trigger Pins

The traditional "mil-spec" Fire Control Group (FCG) consists of the trigger, hammer, disconnector, and accompanying springs. In the AR-15 platform, these components are secured in the lower receiver using a pair of pins—one passing through the hammer and the other through the trigger. The pins are held in place by the legs of the hammer spring. Essentially, the FCG itself ensures the secure anchoring of the components within the rifle.

Anti-Walk Pins for Drop-In Trigger Modules

On the other hand, self-contained, drop-in, cassette-type trigger modules require a different approach. These trigger modules lack the standard hammer spring, which means the standard pins won't suffice. To prevent the pins from "walking" out of position over time as the trigger is cycled, anti-walk pins are essential. These pins lock in place and provide the necessary stability.

Do Trigger Pins Break?

Yes, heavy use shooters will experience trigger pin breaking especially for competition shooters, then the trigger group will basically collapse inside the lower receiver.

If the bolt is moving too quickly and impacting the hammer excessively hard, the weakest link, often the hammer pin will be the first to fail.

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