5 Best Handguards for A2 Front Sight AR15

This buyer's guide goes over the 5 best AR15 handguards for A2 front sight AR15. Most flip up sights are great, but some still prefer the classic configuration. These selections will clear the A2 front sight post for carbine length, mid length and rifle length systems.

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Strike Industries Gridlok FSP Handguard 

strike industries gridlok handguard

The Strike Industries Gridlok handguard comes with a built-in front sight cutout, but you can also add on modular top rail mounting space if you decide to remove the A2 front sight later.  

This is a modular lightweight handguard that offers way more than just being customizable. They made this handguard from strong 6061 aluminum. It has a grip-friendly finish. The handguard has a quick-release lever for easy rail removal. Using the RailLok system, you can add any Picatinny 1913 or M-LOK accessory. 

For the price, it's an absolute steal without breaking the bank just for a handguard.

Daniel Defense FSP RIS III Rail - Best Overall

daniel defense FSP RIS III handguard

The Daniel Defense FSP RISIII 13" rail features the durability and modularity of the RIS II design, and it features a cut out for the A2 front sight on a carbine length system. The best part is that the barrel maintains free float without the handguard touching. The RIS III is full length MLOK, which saves a ton of weight from the RIS II design.

The mounting is designed specifically at the behest of the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for the prestigious SOPMOD II program, this rail system is the epitome of precision engineering. The bottom rail can be removed without removing the main handguard to mount a M203 if you have one.

Key Features that Set It Apart:

  • High-Quality Material: Machined from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the RIS II promises durability and longevity.
  • Free-Floating Barrel Design: This feature ensures heightened accuracy, a crucial factor in tactical operations.
  • Versatile Two-Piece Design: Exclusively for USSOCOM, the design allows for the attachment of an M203 Grenade Launcher when the lower rail section is detached.
  • Battle-Tested Security: With a 6-bolt bolt-up system, the handguard attaches securely to the upper receiver, ensuring stability during operations.
  • Top-Notch Fasteners: The use of Grade 8 military specification fasteners guarantees a robust and secure connection.
  • Sleek Design with Uninterrupted Upper Rail: The Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny rails provide a seamless platform for attachments.
  • Durable Finish: Available in Mil-Spec Type III Hard Coat Anodized Finish, choose between FDE or Black to suit your aesthetic preference.

Centurion Arms FSP C4

centurion arms fsp c4 handguard

The MLOK C4 rail system is a cool upgrade for guns like the AR15 with a fixed front sight gas block. It's light but strong and fits easily without taking off any parts. It's made from tough material and has special slots forward of the front sight post to mount more accessories to the gun such as grips and lights. 

People who use it say it's easy to put on, looks good, and gives more room at the front. If you want your gun to look and work better, the MLOK C4 is a great choice.

Key Features that Set It Apart:

  • Continuous 12 o'clock Rail: Ensures a streamlined upper assembly, enhancing the weapon's tactical capabilities.
  • Versatile MLOK Slots: Positioned at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock, these slots offer flexibility for mounting various accessories.
  • Lightweight & Rigid: Weighing just 9.8 oz with screws (and an additional 1.1 oz with a standard barrel nut), it's the epitome of strength without the bulk.
  • User-Friendly Design: Install the rail without the hassle of removing the front sight post or permanently attached muzzle devices. (Note: Some FSBs might require slight modifications for a perfect fit.)

Midwest Industries Two Piece FSP Handguard - Best For The Money

Carbine Length

The MidWest Industries FSP handguard has consistently received glowing reviews from users who have experienced its top-tier quality and functionality firsthand. The handguard's compatibility with various systems, its monolithic appearance, and the ample space for attachments make it a top choice for many. 

Mid Length with extra mounting space

The installation is an easy process, with some noting that it fits perfectly on various gun builds, including the Adams Arms piston system. The handguard's solid construction, with no wobble or movement, has been a recurring point of praise. Users have also commented on its lightweight yet robust design, with some specifically mentioning the smooth edges and steel thread inserts that add to its strength.

The machining and design have left many users impressed, deeming it well worth the price. 

Fortis Camber FSP Handguard 

fortis mfg fsp handguard mid length

Mid length

The Fortis Camber™AR15 Rail System has our new Camber Lock™. It's the next step from our popular handguards. This rail is for users who want a very strong platform. The Camber Lock™ is one of the strongest mounts out there. It has a stainless steel barrel nut and locking camber nuts. These are made to be strong and light.

You can install it with a good castle nut wrench (not given). The package has a T30 Torx L-Key to help you. It's easy to put on and take off to clean your gun. The rail has MLOK slots at 3, 6, 9, 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, and 10:30 for lights and switches. The handguards are made to fit barrels just right:

  • 6.7" Handguard fits a 7.5" Barrel
  • 9.6" Handguard fits a 10.3" or 10.5" Barrel
  • 11.8" Handguard fits a 12.5" Barrel
  • 13.8" Handguard fits a 14.5" Barrel
  • 15.3" Handguard fits a 16.1" Barrel.

AR15 FSP Handguard FAQ

Free Float VS Fixed 

We highly recommend opting for a free float handguard system when building an AR-15 rifle for maximum accuracy. Most AR-15 rifles available on the market today utilize this system, which eliminates any fixed nodes near the gas block that could potentially interfere with the barrel harmonics.

A2 front sight post is simply a gas block with a built in front sight.

With a free float handguard, there is no physical contact with the barrel except at the barrel nut, ensuring optimal precision for your AR-15 build. Therefore, if you prioritize accuracy in your AR-15 setup, a free float handguard system is the way to go.

M LOK or M1913

As more and more M LOK handguard hits the market, the M LOK is the more popular and more modular. Instead of having a full length M1913 rail, which many users only use a small percentage of the rail to mount accessories, the rest just adds weight and machining cost.

The MLOK design makes the handguard a bit slimmer and the user only mount accessories where it's needed to save weight.

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