6 Best Handguards for PSA AR15

This guide goes over the 6 best AR15 handguard for PSA AR15 upgrades. Standard PSA AR15 offers great performance without spending over $600, that leaves many people the extra fund to invest in a good handguard if they want to. Whether you have a stock PSA AR 15 rifle or building one from scratch. These handguard options will significantly improve your rifle capabilities.  

With our 2 decades of experience building AR15s, these handguards were handpicked based on durability, weight, ergonomics, aesthetics and modularity. 

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m89 handguard

BCM's MCMR Series AR-15 handguards are lightweight, strong, and let you easily customize your gun. They use the same secure barrel nut as the popular KMR handguard. A special feature of these handguards is their unique mounting system (US Patent 8904691). This system keeps everything in place, even when the gun gets hot from fast shooting.

These BCM handguards utilize the same reliable barrel nut and lock-up design that was originally introduced with their groundbreaking KMR handguard. 

Sons Of Liberty M89 Handguard 

m89 handguard

The Sons Of Liberty (SOLGW M89) is a great handguard upgrade for any PSA AR15 rifles. It's the newest generation handguard with increased rigidity to minimize deflection when using tripod and sling hard in the field. This means any laser mounted device can maintain zero better than other handguard systems on the market.

With a slightly wider extrusion, the M89 provides additional real estate around the gas block, ensuring you can mount accessories with ease using the M-lock system (Also include 45-degree slots for offset angle light mounting). Moreover, the larger diameter of the M89 rail enables it to handle sustained shooting without heating up excessively.

The innovative drive lock rail system is another top notch design. The steel barrel nut, longer than that of the M76 wedge lock handguard rail, contributes to the overall rigidity of the system and more contact surface around the barrel nut. This robust design, featuring individual wedges and chamfered cuts in the nut, allows the rail to be securely driven back into the upper every time a screw is torqued.

Available for:

  • 10.5"
  • 13"
  • 15"

Strike Industries Gridlok FSP Handguard 

strike industries gridlok handguard

The Strike Industries Gridlok handguard has a special spot for a front sight if you have a standard PSA AR15 rifle with the fixed A2 front sight gas block. If you take off the A2 front sight, you can add more space on the top rail.

It's a one-piece design that's easy to attach and remove without tools. You can quickly take off the handguard by pushing and pulling the quick detach latch. This makes it easy to adjust the gas block or add/remove a suppressor. 

At the back, there's a swivel socket for a two-point setup. Tabs and screws at the top make sure the rail lines up right.

This handguard is light but strong because it's made of 6061 aluminum. It's easy to hold because of its finish. You can quickly take off the rail with its lever. With the RailLok system, you can put on any Picatinny 1913 or M-LOK tool. This handguard is a great deal for its price.

Faxon Carbon Fiber Handguard

faxon carbon fiber handguard

Faxon and Lancer Systems worked together to create the STREAMLINE Carbon Fiber Handguard. This handguard is amazing because it's super light, even lighter than aluminum, but still very strong. It weighs less than 8 ounces and comes with a steel barrel nut.

People use these handguards for competitions and regular duties. They have 8 M-LOK sides to attach things and fit regular AR-15 barrel nuts. They don't get too hot and can also fit most suppressors. This makes the handguard light, strong, and useful.

Midwest Industries Night Fighter M LOK 

Midwest Industries Night Fighter M LOK

The best part about the Night Fighter Handguard from Midwest Industries is its exceptional rigidity for any AR15 builds. With its long steel barrel nut and torque plate, it offers unparalleled stability, eliminating flex and torque commonly experienced with other handguards.

This rigidity ensures precise and consistent performance, making it an ideal choice for shooters who want to mount lasers at the end of their rail without worrying about point of impact shifts.

Additionally, the handguard's slimline design, comfortable grip, and user-friendly features make it a versatile and attractive option for any AR-15 setup.

Geissele Automatics MK16 Modular

mk16 handguard

The MK16 rail is a strong and slim handguard perfect for top-quality AR-15 builds. It's thinner than the MK 8 handguard. The USASOC chose this handguard for guns like the URG-I rifles. What's really cool about it is its anti-rotation tabs and set-screws. These make sure it fits super tight on the AR15 upper part, so the handguard doesn't twist.

Made from tough 7075 T6 aluminum, the MK16 is also coated with a long-lasting Type-3 hardcoat to endure any environmental elements.

You can get it in 9.3", 10.5", or 15" sizes, so Geissele has something for everyone. If you want to make your AR-15 even better, try the Geissele Super Modular Rail MK16. It's stylish and works great.

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