Will AR15 Handguard Fit AR10

AR-10 rifles need AR-10 specific handguards, indicating that AR-15 handguards will not fit an AR-10. While most AR15 handguards can interchange as long as the mounting hardware is the same, but AR10 has a completely different barrel nut dimension, so for example, a Geissele barrel nut for AR15 doesn't fit an AR10 barrel. 

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Are AR-10 handguards interchangeable?

Many companies make a variety of rifles that people often call "AR-10s" or "AR-308s." These rifles look and work similarly, but they can have different designs for their upper receivers. This means that some parts might not work with all rifles. This situation makes it tricky to shop for parts like a free float quad rail or handguard.

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AR10 isn't like AR15 where parts are generally compatible. AR10 has some fitting to do. Mil-spec delta rings should be consistent across the board, while another countered that there are three distinct barrel nut sizes to consider

AR10 Barrel Nut Specs

AR-10 style rifles use a few different designs for the barrel nut (the part that connects a free float handguard to the rifle). Each design works only with certain free float quad rails or handguards made just for that design.

The two most popular designs come from the original AR-10 and the DPMS LR-308. Many companies use these designs now.

Armalite uses 1 7/16" x 18 TPI, and DPMS uses 1 7/16" x 16 TPI

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DPMS Low rails that can fit Armalite with a different barrel nut, but the DPMS High and Low share a nut that might look odd if mismatched due to different heights. Some users think that the thread pitch difference is minor, with both having 60-degree angles but different threads per inch, which affects how far the nut travels per rotation.

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Handguards for the Armalite AR-10 The company ArmaLite made the first AR-10 in the 1950s and they still own the AR-10 name. They sell the only rifle officially called the AR-10. ArmaLite AR-10 rifles have a special barrel nut design that doesn't fit most other AR-10/308 rifles.


The AR-10 barrel nut has specific measurements. Some well-known rifles use this their own designs to fit these rifles such as LaRue OBR PredatAR and Daniel Defense DD5.

The company DPMS made their own version of the AR-10, called the LR-308. It's mostly like the AR-10 but some parts don't work with other rifles, including the barrel nut/handguard. The LR-308 barrel nut design is very popular and many companies make rifles that use it. The LR-308 barrel nut also has specific measurements

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