4 Best AR15 Magazines

When it comes to choosing the best AR15 magazine, there are several factors to consider. As an experienced shooter who understands the importance reliable feeding, Here are key points to keep in mind while buying AR15 magazines regardless if they are high capacity or not. 

  • Magazine is a critical part of a rifle even if they are just a $14 ish item
  • Magazine spring can wear out and cause feeding issue after high cycles, so stock up
  • Anti tilt follower is very important for reliable feeding

Remember, the right magazine can keep your rifle operating, and a bad one will lead to failure to feed, jam and double feed at the worst time.

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Magpul PMAG Gen 3

It should come as no surprise the Magpul PMAG Gen 3 is at the top of our list. It's used by everyone and it ships with every stock AR15 rifle out there. These crush-resistant mags are designed with modified dimensions to fit in any 5.56 caliber rifle platform. 

The PMAG Gen 3 features anti-tilt follower to keep feeding rounds straight up, and it includes an insertion stop on the spine to stop the mag from over-inserting. Additionally, the stainless steel spring is known for having a long service life and the follower is self-lubricating.

This is the most readily available magazine on the market. 


Duramag has spent the past 10 years building a well-deserved reputation for manufacturing magazines that are high in quality and reliability. The Duramag stainless steel magazine is no different, as it features a heavy-duty body, a bright orange follower, and a tough EVERFLEX spring.

Duramag invested a significant amount of time and money into researching and developing their LIPLOCK technology and Advanced Geometry Followers. This dedication and design allow them to guarantee 100% reliability.

Unlike polymer magazines that are prone to cracking or swelling, Duramag magazines are built to withstand such issues. The company utilizes their T-360 coating on these magazines along with improved internal geometry to ensure consistent feeding. Additionally, all grammar errors have been removed.


Hexmags made the cut for a few reasons. First, they are some of the most affordable AR 15 magazines you can buy.

Second, the name Hexmags come from unique hexagonal texturing on their magazines. This increases your ability to grip the magazine with or without gloves.

The magazines are incredibly durable, lightweight, and designed to have a long service life. They use anti-tilt followers, stainless steel springs, and excellent body design.

Lancer Advanced Warfighter Magazine

Lancer Advanced Warfighter Magazine stands out as an exceptional choice. Its innovative construction, incorporating steel feed lips into a polymer body, ensures unmatched strength and longevity.

With a price point comparable to the popular Magpul PMAG, the Lancer magazine provides excellent value for money including see through ones.

AR15 Magazine FAQ

Capacity Matters: Round Count and Reloads

Higher Capacity, Fewer Reloads: One crucial aspect to consider is the round count capacity of the magazine. Higher capacity magazines allow you to fire more rounds before having to reload, which is particularly advantageous in fast-paced shooting scenarios. With a higher round count, you can maintain a steady flow of fire without interruptions, enabling you to engage targets more efficiently.

Balancing Weight: On the other hand, it's essential to strike a balance between round count and weight. Magazines with higher capacities tend to be bulkier and heavier, which can affect your ability to maneuver quickly and maintain weapon control. Find a magazine that offers a suitable compromise between capacity and weight, allowing you to carry enough ammunition while still maintaining agility.

Reliability: Feeding and Functioning

Smooth and Consistent Feeding: Reliability is paramount when it comes to magazines. Look for options that offer smooth and consistent feeding of ammunition into your AR-15. A well-designed magazine will have a feed lip geometry that facilitates reliable feeding, minimizing malfunctions and misfeeds. This ensures each round is properly seated and ready to be fired when you need it most.

Durable Construction: Another aspect of reliability is the overall construction of the magazine. Opt for magazines made from high-quality materials, such as impact-resistant polymer or aluminum alloys, which can withstand the rigors of regular use. A sturdy construction ensures that the magazine can endure drops, impacts, and harsh environments without compromising its functionality.

Replacement: Magazine spring will eventually wear out if shooting a lot, so having backup magazine is critical to keep a rifle system working.

Compatibility: Fit and Function with Your AR-15

Magazine Fit: It's crucial to choose a magazine that fits your AR-15 platform properly. Different AR-15 models may have slight variations in magazine well dimensions, so it's essential to ensure compatibility for optimal performance. Look for magazines specifically designed for your AR-15 variant, as they will typically offer the best fit and function.

Smooth Insertion and Removal: A magazine that smoothly inserts and removes from the magazine well enhances your overall shooting experience. Look for magazines with a design that allows for easy insertion and positive engagement. This ensures quick and effortless reloads, enabling you to get back on target swiftly.

Ergonomics: Grip and Control

Texture and Grip: When choosing an AR-15 magazine, consider its texture and grip. Magazines with a textured surface provide better control and a more secure grip, even in wet or sweaty conditions. This ensures you can maintain a firm hold on the magazine during rapid fire, reducing the chance of slippage and improving overall shot placement.

Baseplate Design: The design of the magazine's baseplate is another aspect to consider. Look for baseplates that offer ergonomic features, such as finger grooves or extended floorplates. These additions can enhance your ability to manipulate the magazine, particularly during reloads under time pressure. Additionally, some baseplates may provide a more stable platform when resting your AR-15 on a support surface.

Considerations for Specialized Applications

Competition Shooting: If you're involved in competition shooting, factors like speed and quick reloads are of utmost importance. Look for magazines designed specifically for competitive shooting, with features like enhanced follower geometry or extended baseplates. These specialized magazines can give you an edge in terms of speed and efficiency during competitions.

Tactical and Defense Use: For tactical and defense applications, reliability and durability are critical. Choose magazines that have a proven track record in demanding environments. Additionally, consider magazines with features like witness holes or indicators that allow you to quickly assess the remaining round count. These features aid in your decision-making process during high-pressure situations.

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