Do I need A Riser For My Red Dot

Getting a riser for your red dot sight on tactical carbine is a good choice. We have gathered information from various sources including competition shooters and real world applications.

The main attraction for using a riser to mount red dot sight higher is to provide more natural cheekweld position without having to strain the neck and orientate the rifle without that slight tilt.

Alleviating Physical Strain 

high red dot mount

Credit AR Build Junkie

One crucial advantage of using a riser is its ability to reduce strain on the neck when getting behind the optic. By elevating the red dot sight, it allows for a more comfortable shooting posture whether , especially during prolonged shooting sessions. 

This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who experience discomfort or fatigue in their neck while using a red dot sight, or for shooters who can't quite get comfortable even with a lower third co witness height optic.

Enhanced Visibility in Low-Light Conditions 

ar15 with red dot

Another aspect to consider is the practical application of a riser mount in low-light environments. By positioning the red dot sight with night vision mode higher above the bore axis, a riser can provide a clearer line of sight, allowing for improved passive aiming when using a pair of night vision goggle. 

This enhanced visibility can be advantageous for hunting or shooting activities during dawn, dusk, or in indoor ranges with limited lighting.

Improve Shooting Experience 

defensive shooting pov

Using a riser for your red dot sight offers increased flexibility in terms of sight alignment and eye relief, allowing you to customize your setup to better suit your shooting style. 

This adaptability can lead to improved accuracy, faster target acquisition, and a more enjoyable time on the range or in the field. For real world tactical shooting practice. a tall riser mount provides better situational awareness.

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