6 Best AR15 Rifle Cases

Choose a rifle case for your AR-15 by considering durability, storage space, ease of carrying, and cost. The list includes both soft and hard cases. For a better choice, refer to this detailed guide outlining the 5 best AR-15 rifle cases, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages when transportation firearms to the range.

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Bulldog Cases Ultra Compact AR-15 Discreet Carry Case

I find the Bulldog Cases Ultra Compact AR-15 Discreet Carry Case to be an exceptional choice for anyone like me who needs a low-profile method to transport their AR-15. Its design is focused on discretion, ensuring that the contents remain unidentifiable, which is perfect for concealed carry.

For this case, I have to break down my rifle into two parts, which makes the case smaller and easier to manage. It features a well-padded divider and pockets for additional magazines. Although it lacks restraining straps and lockable zippers, its compact size and affordability are significant advantages for me, especially when my main concern is discreet transport.

Plano All-Weather Case


I regard the Plano All-Weather I case as an excellent choice for ensuring robust protection of my AR-15. It's a hardshell case that strikes a balance between premium features and reasonable pricing. What I appreciate most is its complete weatherproof design, which keeps my gun safe from water and dust. The construction involves thick, durable plastic, and it includes a strong locking system with five latches, two of which are integrated keyed locks. Additionally, it's TSA-approved for air travel, and the customizable pluck foam interior allows for a snug fit for my firearm and accessories.

From my point of view, the pros are its weatherproof nature, sturdy build, TSA approval, and customizable foam. However, there are cons: the hinges and locks may be vulnerable, and I need to add additional padlocks for air travel.

Pelican 1750 Long Case


I considered the Pelican 1750 Tactical Gun Case incredibly reliable for protecting my AR-15, as it's built to military specifications. Its waterproof, dust-proof, and virtually indestructible nature offers unmatched protection. This case includes an automatic pressure equalization valve and stainless-steel latches, ensuring that my firearm is stored securely and reliably. Plus, it's TSA-approved for air travel, which is a significant advantage for me.

While it is on the heavier and more expensive side, the case's 50-inch length is a major benefit, allowing me to store not just my rifle but also extra gear. The customizable foam interior is perfect for a tailored fit for my firearm. And with a lifetime warranty, I see the Pelican 1750 as a long-term investment in the safety of my firearm.

From my perspective, the pros include its waterproof, dust-proof, and crash-proof qualities, adherence to military specifications, and the lifetime warranty. The cons, however, are its weight and cost.

Pelican Vault V800 Case

pelican v800 vault case

In my experience, the Pelican Vault double-rifle case has been a game-changer, especially considering its capacity to hold two full-sized rifles. The injection molded polymer and resin shell provides excellent protection against damage from impacts and environmental conditions. One of the key features I really appreciate is the padlock holes reinforced with metal, ensuring extra security. The gasket seals are effective against moisture and dust, and the roomy interior with ample foam cushions against impacts. The latches operate smoothly and are recessed for added protection.

While it's true that the double-gun configuration makes it bulky, and the rear hinge pins are not secured, the overall utility of the case is outstanding. Pelican's hard cases are known for their reliability, and although you usually pay a premium for that performance, the Vault series addresses this concern without compromising on protection.

Like the flagship cases, the Pelican Vault seals the interior against moisture, dust, and impacts. It comes with a pressure-release valve to cope with altitude changes, and the smooth-operating latches are some of the best I've encountered.

Whether I'm traveling with guns via airline or just protecting them on the way to the range, the double-rifle Vault gets the job done at a price that’s more affordable. Despite its bulk, I appreciate that it weighs less than the standard Pelican offerings. I've relied on Pelican cases for many years to protect my most valuable firearms, and while I was initially hesitant to try this lower-tier offering, I must admit I've been impressed with its performance.

Magpul Daka Case


I consider the Magpul DAKA Hard Case R44 a solid alternative to higher-priced cases like Pelican, especially since it doesn't skimp on features or build quality. The feature I find most impressive is its secure latch system with an integrated locking pass-through, which ensures my firearms are safe and secure.

Inside, the Grid Organizer system offers customizable storage, which is perfect for me as it keeps everything from rifles to small accessories in place. Despite its slightly larger size, which fits snugly in the back of my SUV, I find it a practical choice for both local trips and air travel.

In my experience, the major pro is the Grid Organizer system, which allows for tailored storage, effectively accommodating both rifles and accessories. The only con, however, is its weight — 18.4 lbs empty and 21.4 lbs with the organizer, making it quite heavy.

Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case w/Wheels


I see the Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case with Wheels as a sturdy option for transporting two rifles. The 55-inch length of this case is suitable for two scoped rifles or shotguns, and it provides waterproof, airtight, and dust-proof protection. I appreciate that it's TSA-approved for airline travel and includes an internal pressure-adjustment valve.

The addition of wheels is a major plus for me, considering the considerable size and weight of the case when it's fully loaded. However, while it accommodates two scoped ARs, I've found it can be a tight squeeze, especially with larger scopes.

In my view, the pros of this case are its waterproof, airtight, and dust-proof features, TSA approval, and the convenience of wheels for easy transport. The primary con, however, is the tight fit for two scoped ARs.

AR15 Rifle Cases Buyer's Guide

A gun case serves to safeguard your firearm investment. Its main purpose is to prevent damage during transportation, whether to a shooting range or a hunting location. Unprotected firearms risk scratches, dings, and environmental exposure, leading to cosmetic harm or even malfunction and severe damage. This is particularly true for rifles with mounted optics.

Gun cases are also useful for long-term storage at home.

The way you transport your firearm determines the gun case you need. For air travel, a sturdy, lockable, hard-sided case is mandatory. These cases meet high standards, but are heavy, bulky, and usually the most costly.

When transporting firearms in a vehicle's trunk, exposed to elements and bumpy roads, hard cases are advisable. However, for inside-vehicle transport, less protection is needed, making padded soft cases a good choice. Another benefit of some cases is concealing their contents, resembling everyday bags to avoid detection.

What Is The Best Rifle Case Length?

The best rifle case length depends on the specific size of your rifle. Generally, you should choose a case that is slightly longer than your rifle to ensure a secure and snug fit without bending or pressure on the firearm. Here are some steps to determine the appropriate rifle case length:

  1. Measure Your Rifle: Measure the total length of your rifle from the tip of the barrel to the end of the stock.

  2. Add Extra Space: Add a few inches (typically 2-4 inches) to the total length of your rifle to allow for a little extra room. This extra space ensures that your rifle fits comfortably without being too tight and allows room for additional padding or protection inside the case.

  3. Consider Internal Padding: Remember that the internal padding of the case can take up some space, so the internal dimensions of the case need to be slightly larger than your rifle.

Can I Store Ammo In the Case?

Yes, you can store ammo in the case. However, it can get heavy for transportation.

What Does Pressurized Case Do?

A pressurized case is specifically designed for the safe transportation of sensitive items such as firearms, cameras, or musical instruments, providing several critical protective features. Firstly, it offers protection against changes in air pressure, crucial during air travel as the rapid pressure changes in ascent or descent could otherwise damage the contents.

Additionally, these cases are usually watertight and airtight, safeguarding the contents from moisture, dust, and other environmental elements. The airtight seal also helps maintain a stable internal temperature, essential for temperature-sensitive items. This feature is vital in preventing condensation inside the case, which can cause rust, mold, or other moisture-related damage.

Moreover, pressurized cases are built to be robust, offering enhanced durability and protection against impacts and falls, thereby adding an extra layer of physical protection for the items inside.

Can My Rifle Case Protect My Scopes?

Only padded rifle case inside can protected rifle scopes during transportation. Rifle case foam does a good job of securing the optic inside the case.

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