How Much Does An AR15 Cost

he AR-15 reigns as the most popular rifle in America, offering a plethora of options for enthusiasts, ranging from complete rifles to build kits.  How much does an AR15 cost varies based on whether you want to just buy a stock rifle or build one from scratch.

While the price range has no bounds, this quick guide will primarily focus on entry-level, mid-tier, and high-end rifles, highlighting their distinctions and value for money.

Generally it's cheaper to by a stock rifle, then upgrade it as you go. Building one from scratch may cost you more, plus the tool cost.

Entry-Level AR15 Rifles Cost

With high AR15 demands, manufacturers have made it possible to produce entry-level rifles at an easily attainable price point for end-users. These rifles, priced between $500 and $1000, offer practical functionality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. 

While they may lack extravagant features like ambidextrous safety controls, QD attachment point or modular handguard rails, they still boast durable construction and dependable performance.

Offerings like the Smith Wesson M&P Sport 2, Sig Sauer M400 Tread,  and others are in this category.


Everything on the rifle is as standard as they get. 

For example: A2 style receiver, A2 fixed front sight post, HPT and MPI tested bolt carrier group, A2 pistol grip and delta ring barrel nut.. etc.

Ideal for beginners, these entry-level rifles serve as a gateway to AR-15 ownership, enabling simple target shooting and the option for gradual upgrades as desired.

Mid-Tier Rifles

Mid-tier rifles introduce enhanced features and undergo rigorous quality control procedures. Priced between $1000 and $1500, these rifles offer notable improvements such as superior out of the box triggers, free float rail, low profile gas block and popular Magpul (or BCM) accessories.

aero precision m4e1 custom ar15 rifle

This tier often feature 7075 Aluminum receivers and buffer tube, and exceptionally sturdy M-LOK rails that is very popular these days.

In comparison to the budget-friendly 6061 Aluminum alternatives, these materials provide superior strength, particularly for those expecting their rifles to endure rugged usage. 

Paying more for a mid-tier AR-15 guarantees more than just improved materials and features. Manufacturers in this tier adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring end-users receive a reliable rifle capable of handling any challenge that comes its way.

Offerings like the Daniel Defense M4V11, DDM4A1, Sons Of Liberty M4-76, BCM RECCE 16, PSA AR15s

High-End Rifles

By delivering a complete package out of the box, these high-end AR-15s can cost anywhere from $1500 to well over $3000.

Offerings like the Geissele URG-I clones, HK MR556, Radian Model 1, Sig Sauer MCX, Knight's Armament SR15, LaRue Tactical OBR, Q Honey Badger and others are in this category.

Some of these AR15s functions exactly the same as a mid tier rifle, but the cost is generally associated with adding high end accessories, paying for the brand name and paying for middleman cost.

giessele super duty ar15 rifle

For those who desire the pinnacle of AR-15 performance, high-end rifles leave no stone unturned. Featuring aftermarket ambidextrous safety selectors, high-end single stage or two stage triggers, charging handles, billet receiver design, premium furniture, muzzle devices, and the finest accessories. 

Rise Armament ICONIC

Renowned manufacturers often include prestigious upgrades such as Geissele triggers or other proprietary high-end triggers like the LaRue Tactical MBT 2S, along with muzzle devices equipped with suppressor quick detach mounts.

Of course, it doesn't stop here. Users can further upgrade the rifle with different high end optics and swap out things they don't like to build the rifle they want.

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