Is AR9 Lower Parts Kit Same As AR15

AR9 lower parts kit is the same as AR15 except for the modified ejector and magazine catch. As far as the trigger goes, The AR-9 trigger has a heavier hammer than the AR15 trigger, so it hits harder.

Its design is special for the AR-9, making it hit the firing pin with more force and less shake, which ensures primer hits to make the gun go bang.

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ar9 part list

AR Lower Parts Kit Compatibility

The AR9 lower can use most AR-15 lower parts and upgrades, like a better grip from BCM or an AR-15 trigger from a wide range of options.

9mm ar9 build guide

AR9 lower parts kit include:

  • Disconnector
  • Hammer
  • Trigger
  • Safety
  • Bolt catch
  • Front pivot pin
  • Magazine catch
  • Rear takedown pin
  • Sear (built into trigger)
  • Springs and retainer pins
  • Pistol grip
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