4 Best Glock 19 Night Sights

It's time to get rid of the plastic sight that comes with your Glock 19 pistol. Here are the top 4 Glock 19 night sights to upgrade your factory Glock 19 slides or aftermarket custom slides. 

These sights give you a clearer view with better visibility in different lighting situations, making it easier to aim quickly and allowing you to use a suppressor. Our sights have a design that won't snag, a matte finish, and a rear sight with serrations to reduce glare, guaranteeing smooth and effective firearm use. If you have a Glock and are thinking about improving your sights,

You need a Glock tool and a sight pusher to complete the installation at home.

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Trijicon HD XR - Best Overall

trijicon hd xr glock sight

Glock 19 shooters looking for sight upgrades should consider The Trijicon HD XR sights such as

  • Enhanced front sight acquisition and accuracy
  • Precise sight picture with a thinner front sight post (non target blocking)
  • One-handed slide manipulation
  • Instant visibility in low-light
  • Evenly distributed light. 

The improved sight will give you a more precise point of aim, and has a slender front post for shooting at targets far away. It ensures visibility in any lighting condition and has a front surface that is steeply curved for easy manipulation of the slide.

The sight also features a tritium phosphor-filled glass lamp for brightness, protection from recoil and solvents, and evenly distributed light through tritium lamps with sapphire jewel caps. Glock 19 users can rely on its limited lifetime warranty, which includes a 12-year illumination warranty. Additionally, it is compatible with both full-size and compact Glock models and custom Glock 19 slides.

Truglo TFX - Best In Low Light

tfx pro glock sight

The Truglo TFX Pro sights are different from regular sights because they combine glowing tritium capsules with fiber-optic material. This makes them perfect for any kind of shooting.

When it's dark outside, the tritium in the sights makes them really easy to see. During the day, the fiber-optic sights give you the clearest view possible. No matter what the lighting conditions are, the Truglo TFX Pro sights always give you the best visibility.

Ameriglo Pro IDOT - Best Sight Picture Speed

ameriglo idot glock

If you're looking to aim quickly by only having to align two dots to declutter the sight picture. The Ameriglo Pro IDOT sights for Glock 19 pistols make a great choice. They're perfect for discreetly carrying your gun and official use.

What sets them apart is their unique IDOT design featuring a rear sight with a green dot. This feature helps you line up your shots accurately, while the angled cuts on the rear sight enhance your field of view far better than a straight edge cut.

To make it easy for you to see, the rear sight has a white circle around it. The front sight gives you choices for both day and night shooting. It has a bright fiber optic ring for when it's sunny outside, and a dot that lights up at night.

XS Night Sights - Fastest Acquisition Speed

xs big sight glock

The Big Dot sights features a more noticeable front sight and rear sight shape to makes aiming much quicker at close range. The XS Sights Big Dots is not designed for shooting for precision. It's designed to quickly acquire close up targets fast especially for tactical shooting training and personal defense.

This big front sight is made to work well during the day and at night, so you can always see it no matter what the lighting is like.

The big front sight, made for day and night use, has a bright tritium lamp inside. The rear sight is unique with a hill shape and a tritium vial that goes up and down. When you line up the "i" dot, it's super easy to aim even when it's dark.

Glock 19 Night Sights FAQ

Does Color Matter?

The idea behind this is that the different colors make it more likely for the shooter to focus on the front dot since it stands out from the rest. Whether or not this method works depends on the individual.

Green is the most common color for night sight in terms of brightness and easier to pick up.

White is okay for range use, but in fast-moving situations, the white front sight might blend into a sea of white

Yellow's drawback is its slightly reflective quality, which can strain the eye during prolonged shooting in exceptionally bright conditions

Orange reflects less and is easier to concentrate on. By using white rear sights, this system enables users to aim precisely or swiftly, thanks to the contrasting colors.

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