4 Best Trigger For Glock 19 Upgrades

Many users in the past perform DIY trigger job by polishing the connector, safety plunger and the trigger bar to reduce overall friction. Some users believe that the Glock 19's trigger pull is too heavy to shoot smooth. In reality, its trigger pull is designed to be consistent and is considered optimal by many for a defensive firearm. 

Here are 4 best Glock 19 trigger upgrades that can reduce trigger pre travel, reset distance, and ultimately improve faster follow up shots.

Glock 19 Trigger Upgrades

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Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger Kit

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The Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger for the Glock 19 stands out as a top-tier upgrade. As a direct drop-in replacement for the OEM trigger, it's meticulously crafted from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy in the USA, then finished with a Type III hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625 standards. Its unique design features a small indexing hook for consistent finger placement and a broad flat face, reducing trigger shoe pre-travel by up to 20%.

The CTI's NP3 plating ensures corrosion resistance and a smooth operation. While the trigger maintains the original pull weight, pairing it with the recommended components lightens the pull. This aftermarket trigger not only enhances the Glock's performance but also offers a more responsive and aesthetically pleasing experience. It's an easy-to-install, transformative upgrade for any Glock 19 owner.

APEX Action Enhancement Trigger

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The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger emerges as a top-tier choice for Glock 19. This direct drop-in replacement not only diminishes overall trigger travel but also ensures a silky-smooth uptake and reset, culminating in a notably crisp trigger break. When used alongside the Apex Ultimate Safety Plunger, users can anticipate an even more seamless trigger uptake. 

Whether you're a competitive shooter or someone who simply values precision, the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger promises a transformative Glock 19 shooting experience.

What makes this different than the Overwatch Precision TAC is that APEX focus on overall trigger travel reduction than a specific stage of the trigger.

ZEV Fulcrum Trigger

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The ZEV Technologies Adjustable Fulcrum Trigger Kit is a transformative upgrade for Glock 19 owners. With its wider trigger pad, users experience enhanced engagement and improved shooting accuracy. Its adjustable weight, which can go as low as 3 lbs, coupled with a crisp reset, facilitates faster and more precise follow-up shots.

The unique ZEV Trigger Bar reduces travel while preserving all Glock safety features. Furthermore, personalization is at the forefront, with adjustments for pre-travel and over-travel ensuring a tailored shooting experience. It's easy to install and designed for competitive shooting, the ZEV Fulcrum Trigger redefines performance, making it a must-have for any Glock 19 users.

CMC Drop In Glock 19 Trigger

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If you're on the lookout for a trigger upgrade that promises both functionality and reliability, the CMC Triggers Drop-in Signature Flat Gen 4 Glock Trigger draws inspiration from their AR15 trigger traits right into the Glock 19 trigger.

The CMC Drop In Trigger Kit includes a flat trigger shoe, an OEM trigger bar, connector, spring, and housing. It's safer and works smoother. It's one piece and easy to install. Just take out your old trigger and put in the CMC one.

Once installed, users can expect smoother pulls and the utmost reliability when aiming at targets. Furthermore, its crisp, light nature is complemented by an exceptional reset, enhancing the overall shooting experience. 

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