4 Best Glock 43 Trigger Upgrades

Many users in the past perform DIY trigger job by polishing the Glock's factory connector, safety plunger and the trigger bar to reduce overall friction. Some users believe that the Glock 43 Gen 5's trigger pull is fairly good right out of box. Sure it's, but it can be improved way more with aftermarket upgrades.

Here are 4 best Glock 43 trigger upgrades that can further reduce trigger pre travel, reset distance, and ultimately improve overall shooting performance.

Glock 43 Trigger Upgrades

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APEX Action Enhancement Trigger

The Apex tactical trigger kit is the best upgrade for a Glock 43 if you want a reduced trigger pull pretravel and overall reset distance. The original trigger weighs just over 6 pounds. The Apex trigger makes it about 5 pounds crisp trigger break. This is a safe weight for a hidden carry gun. 

We highly recommend not going any lighter than 4 lbs for a conceal carry handgun as its not designed to shoot fast and high volume. 

Overwatch Precision DAT Drop In Trigger Kit

overwatch dat glock 43

If you're looking to elevate your Glock 43's performance, I can't recommend the Overwatch Precision PolyDAT Trigger Kit enough. This kit seamlessly blends Overwatch Precision's top-notch components, promising enhanced accuracy and performance. The PolyDAT trigger shoe prevents overheating and provides tactile trigger finger sensation for shorter pre-travel, a lighter break weight, and a flat-faced shoe design, ensuring a sharp, clear, and straight rearward press.

The break is smoother, the trigger shoe feels better on the finger, and there's no more safety blade bite. Say goodbye to the pesky trigger safety bite, and hello to consistent finger placement, thanks to the flat face trigger.

Tyrant ITTS CNC Trigger Shoe

The I.T.T.S. (Improved Tyrant Trigger System). is the state-of-the-art trigger that offers swift resets, thanks to its 30% strength spring, ensuring rapid-fire readiness after each shot. Its unique hybrid design merges the advantages of both flat-faced and curved triggers, guaranteeing consistent and efficient shooting.

The ergonomic design, with its taller stature, is especially tailored for those with larger hands, providing an intuitive and comfortable shooting experience. Moreover, its durability is unmatched; constructed with set screws instead of traditional pins, it not only offers enhanced strength but also simplifies the maintenance process. 

CMC Drop In Glock 43 Trigger

If you want a top flat trigger for your Glock 43, CMC should be on your list. Full trigger systems make the trigger travel, reset, and pull weight shorter. The CMC Drop-in trigger replaces the trigger and trigger bar.

Installing this drop in trigger is easy, but you need to know how to take apart your gun. Every Glock owner should know this. It's easy. This flat trigger gives a clean break. But, some shooters might not like the hook at the bottom if wearing thick gloves.

Ghost Trigger Connector Glock 43 Upgrade

This is the cheapest upgrade a Glock 43 users can buy. All it does is providing less contact friction to make the factory trigger feel more smoother. It will not significantly reduce the trigger pull weight to about 2.5 lbs from existing heavy trigger pull weight, but it can be combined with a trigger upgrade. But be sure to keep a safe trigger pull weight around 4 - 5 for concealed carry.

If you don't want to take out the dremel tool to polish the factory trigger connector, then this is a good part to buy.

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