4 Best Glock Pro Sights

It's time to ditch the factory plastic sight on your Glock pistol. Here are the 4 best Glock pro sights to buy. Most factory Glock sights are serviceable, but but they are not durable.

Additionally, our sights provide a better sight picture with enhanced visibility in varying lighting conditions, allowing for quicker target acquisition. With a snag-free design, matte finish, and serrated rear sight to reduce glare, our sights ensure smooth and efficient firearm deployment. If you own a Glock and are considering upgrading your sights,

You need a Glock tool and a sight pusher to complete the installation at home.

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Trijicon HD XR - Best Overall

trijicon hd xr glock sight

Glock shooters looking for sight upgrades should consider The Trijicon HD XR sights such as

  • Enhanced front sight acquisition and accuracy
  • Precise sight picture with a thinner front sight post (non target blocking)
  • One-handed slide manipulation
  • Instant visibility in low-light
  • Evenly distributed light. 

The upgraded sight should provide wide perspective, accurate aiming, thin front post for longer distances, visibility in all lighting, steeply hooked front surface for slide manipulation, tritium phosphor-filled glass lamp, protection from recoil and solvents, evenly distributed light from tritium lamps with sapphire jewel caps, limited lifetime warranty with 12-year illumination warranty, and compatibility with Glock models 17, 17L, 19, 22-28, 31-35, 37-39, and 45 (excluding MOS).

Truglo TFX - Best In Low Light

tfx pro glock sight

Upgrade your Glock with the Truglo TFX Pro sights and experience unparalleled performance and reliability.

Unlike traditional sights, the Truglo TFX Pro combines the advantages of glow-in-the-dark tritium capsules and fiber-optic material, making it the perfect choice for any shooting application.

With tritium providing exceptional visibility during nighttime operations and fiber-optic sights offering optimal clarity in daylight conditions, the Truglo TFX Pro ensures maximum visibility in all lighting situations. 

What truly sets the Truglo TFX Pro apart from its competitors is its unique feature: a high-contrast orange ring encircling the front sight dot. This additional enhancement significantly enhances target acquisition, especially crucial in defensive scenarios where split-second decisions matter the most. Gain the advantage you need with the Truglo TFX Pro.

Ameriglo Pro IDOT - Best Alignment Speed

ameriglo idot glock

The Ameriglo Pro IDOT sights for Glock pistols are an excellent choice for fast target acquisition. They are ideal for concealed carry (like Glock 43) and duty guns (like Glock 17 or 19). The unique IDOT design features a green dot in the rear sight for accurate alignment.

The rear sight is surrounded by a white circle for easy visibility. The front sight offers day and night options, with a bright fiber optic ring for daylight and an illuminating dot for night time.

These metal sights are durable and allow one-handed gun racking. In summary, the Ameriglo Pro IDOT sights offer accuracy, speed, and reliability.

XS Night Sights - Fastest Acquisition Speed

xs big sight glock

The Big Dot sights redefine the norm by providing a larger, more prominent front sight, resulting in faster and more efficient target acquisition. The XS Sights Big Dots feature an impressive front sight with a distinctive circular shape.

This oversized front sight is optimized for both day and night use, ensuring optimal visibility in any lighting condition.

The oversized front sight, optimized for day and night use, houses a glowing tritium lamp. The rear sight stands out with its unique hill design, complemented by a vertical tritium vial. Aligning the "i" dot ensures effortless aiming in low-light conditions.

Compatible with standard holsters, the XS Big Dot Sight excels in close-range pistol work, making it an exceptional choice for self-defense.

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