5 Best Hellcat Pro Upgrades

To enhance your factory handgun's shooting experience. Here are 5 best Hellcat Pro accessories.  

These are firearm upgrade parts and accessories to improve your experience with the Hellcat .  There are many, but this guide only selected a few trusted items that all Hellcat Pro owners should try out.

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Apex Action Enhancement Trigger Full Kit

One of the best upgrades you can do to your Springfield Hellcat is the trigger. It enhances trigger pull pretravel and reset way better than the factory trigger. The Apex Action Enhancement trigger is highly recommended to provide a 5 lb trigger pull with smooth uptake and reset. 

Expect the same safety value as the factory trigger, and the trigger reset feels more assisted by the force pushing the trigger, as the user release the finger pressure.

Streamlight TLR 7A

Every tactical handgun needs a weapon light to see in the dark, or use it as a signaling device. There are plenty of light options and the Streamlight TLR 7 A is highly recommended for the Hellcat and the Hellcat Pro.

The light can both illuminate CQB targets up to 30 yards with 500 lumens + 5000 candela before the beam fades off. The TLR 7A features a wider flood light for close up low light search without blinding the user.

Users of TLR 7 A can:

  • Easy activation switch a single click (No hard press required)
  • Activate the strobe by double-tapping without mode switching
  • Use a light press for momentary illumination

It's effortless to activate the switch with just one finger, without needing to press hard.

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Holosun EPS Carry

The Holosun EPS Carry mounts directly onto the optic-ready Springfield Hellcat using the provided RMSc adapter plate. It is fully weatherproof to keep debris out of the optic. The closed emitter design ensures full protection.

There are 6 reticle systems available: 2 MOA, 6 MOA red dot, and a multi-reticle system featuring a 32 MOA ring with solar failsafe (sold separately).

The side battery access is convenient, similar to the Holosun 507K red dot sight, making battery replacement easy without removing the sight.

The K Pattern Mounting Footprint attaches to the Hellcat slide using the RMSc to K mounting adapter plate.

Features include:

  • Magnification: 1X
  • Reticle options: 2 MOA, 6 MOA, or MRS
  • Turret Value: 1 MOA per click
  • Window Size: 0.58" x 0.77"
  • Construction: Made from 7075 T6 aluminum, with an IPX8 rating
  • Dimensions: 1.62" x 1.07" x 0.95"
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Battery Life: 50,000 hours.

Mantis X10 Elite Trainer

The Mantis X10 Elite has a mobile app that arranges the collected real time sensor data into charts and tables. The app offers courses, drills, and daily challenges to enhance various shooting skills including dry firing.

The best part is the muzzle movement chart that shows how much the muzzle is moving after each shot, so shooter can train to minimize that muzzle flip.

This exclusive feature is absent in regular shot timers. You can easily attach the device to the Hellcat Pro's full-length M1913 bottom rail for training.

We The People IWB Holster

We The People IWB Holster for Hellcat Pro pistol is a comfortable and discreet solution designed specifically for your firearm. Constructed from durable Kydex material, this holster offers a slim profile, allowing for optimal concealment under various types of clothing.

Features of our IWB Hellcat Holsters include:

  • Adjustable Retention: Customize the tension to your personal comfort level.
  • Adjustable Ride and Cant: Provides maximum flexibility in terms of carry options.
  • Adjustable Clip: Offers up to 8 different positions for optimal placement.
  • Protective Sweat Guard: Minimizes contact between your gun and body, ensuring added comfort.
  • Secure Belt Clip: Facilitates clean and smooth draws, enhancing overall usability.
  • Red Dot Compatibility: Designed to accommodate standard pistol red dots for enhanced sighting capabilities.
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