EOTech EXPS3 Review

Some users believe that the EOTech EXPS 3 is completely parallax-free. While it does offer reduced parallax compared to traditional sights, a small amount of parallax can still be present, especially at longer distances. In this EOTech EXPS3, let's take a look at why this is holographic optic of choice for many warfighters and tactical shooters.

We have used it for a while to give our honest opinion. While many other online reviews focus on torture tests, in the context of the review, we will take a look at its subtle features such as window glare that could affect your point of aim.

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EOTech EXPS 3 Specs

  • Magnification - 1X
  • Reticle - 1 MOA + 68 MOA Ring 
  • Adjustment - 0.5 MOA / Click
  • Brightness - 20 DL & 10 NV
  • Battery Life - 1,100 hrs
  • Lens Material - 1/8" solid glass(Front) 3/16" Laminate (Rear)
  • Construction - Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • Body Dimension -3.8" X 2.3" X 2.9"
  • Window Size - 1.26" X 0.91"
  • Weight - 11.2 oz


  • Lens hood protects the main glass frame from impact
  • It features a big viewing window for great aiming performance.
  • The optic aesthetics are iconic.
  • FDE or Black
  • The QD lever mount can be removed for an aftermarket riser mount (Scalarworks LEAP/12).
  • Low light conditions don't cause glass glare, ensuring clear sight.
  • The QD lever mount includes a locking feature and adjustable tension screw.
  • It maintains mil-spec grade quality from top to bottom.


  • Battery life shorter than red dot sight
  • Sold separately: 3 reticle options
  • NV mode not true night vision
  • Sold separately: Various reticle options
  • Weighs 11 oz (suitable for light rifles)

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Main EOTECH EXPS3 Features


The EXPS3 is built with an incredibly sturdy construction. While you can browse numerous images online, the real appreciation comes when you grasp it in your hands. Holding it up close, you swiftly recognize its desirability as an addition to your preferred rifle.

Incorporated within the robust unit are the lens and holographic emitter screen, both well-protected. This unit is fully weatherproof and features a lens hood that safeguards against impact stress on the main glass body.

The front lens consists of 1/8-inch solid glass, complemented by a 3/16-inch laminate glass rear lens, ensuring exceptional durability for users.

Furthermore, an included lens hood further shields the optic, offering an extra layer of protection against accidental drops and impacts.


The field of view on EOTech EXPS 3 is larger than any tube style red dot sights. Acquiring targets is very easy with one eye close or two eyes open.

The lens hood profile can get obscure the field of view a little however, but the gap between still allows the shooter to be situationally aware.

EOTECH 68 MOA Reticle

The 68 MOA ring reticle ensures perfect accuracy when shooting. While the reticle can aid in target acquisition, accuracy also depends on factors like shooter skill, ammunition quality, and rifle performance.

At the time of writing this review, EOTECH now offers a 1 MOA single dot model without the ring for shooters who want to declutter the field of view, especially for astigmatic shooters who only use the EOTECH for close range applications.

For shooters who are likely to engage further with a magnifier optic, BDC reticle can help. Otherwise stick with a single dot either with the ring or without to declutter the field of view.

The EOTECH EXPS 3 series holosight now has four different reticle systems, including a single 1 MOA dot model. However, these reticles are sold separately. Users can't switch between the four reticles using just one optic.

Each reticle option has its own model number, like the Eotech EXPS 3-2.

With the assistance of a magnifier scope, the effective range of the EOTECH EXPS 3 extends up to 600 yards.

These are the available reticle options: -0 [1 MOA dot] -2 [2 BDC dots] -4 [4 BDC dots]

The 1 MOA center dot, surrounded by a 68 MOA ring, enables quick target acquisition in combat and precise aiming for long-range engagements, without obstructing a standard size target too much.

For individuals with poor eyesight, I suggest combining the EOTECH EXPS 3 with a magnifier scope. This combination allows you to zoom in on the target and enhance the clarity of the reticle for improved aiming.

Reticle Clarity

Most shooters who have astigmatism will notice a starburst around the reticle if they increase the brightness too much. The holographic reticle projects differently from a reflex red dot. People with poor eyesight will see a blurry reticle unless their vision is corrected. This is the reality when using a red dot sight with poor vision.

In this review, I wore corrective lenses and used a camera to assess reticle clarity. The result shows a very crisp reticle. Anything appearing blurry would likely be due to an eyesight issue.

Turret Adjustment

The EOTECH EXPS3 features adjustment knobs for elevation and windage, offering a precise 0.5 MOA adjustment per click. These knobs can be easily adjusted using tools like a flat-head screwdriver, a coin, or a shell casing.

Each click delivers clear and distinct feedback, eliminating the need for any guesswork regarding the accuracy of your adjustments or the risk of over-adjustment. The presence of a small ball detent ensures that every click is perceptible.

Remember: When working with the turrets, remember that their adjustments pertain to the point of impact and not the point of aim.

Parallax Performance

Companies frequently promote parallax-free reflex sights to users; however, no optic is entirely free from parallax. The parallax shift becomes more apparent when aiming at close targets, around 5 to 7 yards. As the target moves farther away, the parallax shift becomes less noticeable, and between 10 to 25 yards, it becomes virtually imperceptible.

Check out this footage that captures the micro parallax shift.

Brightness Settings

The user can adjust the settings using the push button controls on the side of the optic.

It's easy and intuitive to use with 20 Day Light & 10 NV settings.

When the user presses it, the EOTECH EXPS 3 night vision mode dims enough to provide a clear reticle under night vision goggles, although it's not exactly IR.

To use a holographic sight at night, adjust the reticle brightness to a suitable level. This prevents the glowing reticle from blocking the target in low light or filling the field of view with glare, even when using a high candela long gun light.

Battery Performance

The EOTech EXPS 3 doesn't last as long as 1,000 hours when used continuously at the standard setting 12, room temperature, and with a single CR123A battery. Unlike the 50,000+ hour red dot sight available, the EOTech EXPS 3 falls short in battery life because its holographic laser emitter consumes the battery much faster than an LED.

However, the auto shutoff feature saves the battery longer than what most people expect. 

The optic will automatically turn off after 4 hours. The shut-off time of 8/4 hours depends on the last button pressed and resets when another button is pressed. If the battery is low or the battery access cap isn't tightened properly, the reticle will flash, alerting the user and aiding in troubleshooting.


The EOTech EXPS 3 is equipped with an integrated quick-release mount, ensuring swift attachment and detachment of the optic.

By removing the base mount secured with two screws, users can opt to pair the optic with a riser that offers increased optic height, enhancing their aiming experience.

In cases where users transfer the optic between different receivers with a loose fit, the adjustable Quick-Detach (QD) tension screw guarantees a secure installation, maintaining zero and preventing accidental detachment from the rifle.

The QD base mount is also designed for easy removal. A recommended top-tier aftermarket alternative is the exceptionally lightweight Scalarworks LEAP mount, standing at 2.26" tall. This mount is fully compatible with the Unity Tactical FTC magnifier mount as well.

Our field testing attests to the repeatability of zero, even when mounting and dismounting the optic across various rail slots while using a magnifier. It's worth noting that we initially zeroed the optic at 100 yards prior to conducting our tests.

Numerous rigorous drop and torture tests have been conducted on the EOTech EXPS 3, showcasing its durability and performance. For those interested, these tests can be found online.

The mount's position aligns closely with a 1/3 co-witness height, generally suiting the majority of shooters and optimizing cheek weld height.

Should a shooter find the optic mount height insufficient, a recommended solution is the use of a mount riser. This can elevate the optic, particularly beneficial when utilizing night vision goggles or encountering issues with cheek weld.


For those in search of a high-quality holographic sight to improve their passive aim, the EOTech EXPS 3 stands out as one of the finest options available, justifying the effort to save up for its purchase.

This innovative sighting system has served as the inspiration for numerous contemporary optics designs, even though its battery life might not be optimal for individuals who prefer to avoid frequent battery replacements over a span of 5 to 7 years. However, the need for replacement only once or twice is not a significant concern.

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