5 Best Paper Zeroing Target

Most paper shooting targets work for indoor 25-yard range. Here are 5 best paper shooting targets whether you're plinking or zeroing.

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Champion Precision Sight In Target - Best Overall

This shooting paper target is very popular for zeroing, and it has a 1" grid pattern to help adjust your red dot sight turret precisely (Means 1 MOA at 100 yards). So for a optic with 0.5 MOA per click turret value, it's a fast way to know its 2 clicks to move 1 MOA without doing MOA math calculation. 

Set up the target 25 yards away from you, aim at the bullseye center using your red dot sight, shoot a few times, and examine where the shots land on the target. If they're off-center, use the grid pattern to figure out how to adjust your sight.

Shooters can also use this target with its 5 bullseye quadrants to collect ballistic data if need to.

Splatterburst Target - Best Visibility

Splatterburst-type targets are popular because they have a grid pattern and provide a precise way to adjust red dot sights during shooting practice. Most importantly the shooter can visibly identify the hits far away without using a range finder.

Shooters can easily spot points of impact at 25 yards. However magnified optics is still required to see if the target is too far away.

They are slightly more expensive because its material.

10 Yard RMR Zero Target - Calibrated For 10 Yds

This printable target helps you adjust pistol RMR red dot sights accurately. The target grid is made for 1 MOA / click adjustment with the Trijicon RMR. It's also suitable for Holosun 507C and other pistol red dot sights. So the value listed along the grid represents number of clicks to dial (only valid at 25 yards)

The target is made for a 100 yard zero but can be used at 25 yards. There's a designated point on the target for shooting to achieve the right offset for a 100 yard zero. Make sure to choose the right target size and mount for your needs. Once you zero at 25 yards, confirm it at 100 yards and make adjustments as needed.

This target is all-weather durable. It incorporates a grid tailored for precise adjustments, specifically beneficial for M16A2, M16A4, and M4 carbine rifles. By initially sighting in at 25 meters and utilizing the grid for sight adjustments, achieving a precise zero at 300 meters becomes possible.

This process translates to substantial time and cost savings as it allows for multiple rounds to be fired while precisely configuring windage and elevation settings. Moreover, this target serves as a valuable tool for tracking your progress and maintaining a reference for future sessions.

Its tan Manila color and remarkable resistance to tearing set it apart from conventional paper targets durability.

Chris Sajnog 100 Yd Zeroing Target - Best For Long Distance

The targets were designed by the creator Chris Sajnog in collaboration with an Optometrist who specializes in performance vision training for the US military. These targets can be used to achieve a 100-yard zero for a 5.56 carbine, with the shooting distance required being just 25 yards. This specific zeroing allows for a flatter trajectory, thereby enhancing accuracy. 

It is recommended to verify the zero at 100 yards if the distance is available. The distinguishing factor from the older Army sight-in targets lies in a comparison of images viewed through two optics. These specially tailored targets offer significantly improved visibility.

The new targets save time and ammunition during the zeroing process, enabling individuals to dedicate more time to training.

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