How Products Are Tested

Firearm product testing on Tactical Shooting are done in the context of civilian uses only. I understand that not all firearm products are designed for military applications, so these products are not judged based on how much physical abuse they can take, and still expect them to work. 

Optics, range gear and gun parts are the main focus here on 

Optics Testing

For optics testing, most content can be found on our primary site:

red vs green dot sight

Most optics are purchased or borrowed so the reviews are unbiased. Optics are judged based on zero retention as the number one criteria before nitpicking other features. The main process first start with zeroing, then overall range use, and then drop test.

For all drop tests, the height is 5 ft from various drop angles, and the goal is to see if the optic retains zero. If not the optic mounts are re-evaluated.

Finally, the optic will be evaluated on overall ruggedness and user friendly features such as:

  • Field of view - Is it big enough?
  • Lens tint - Does the tint obscure sight picture when wearing sunglasses ?
  • Reticle brightness level - Is the maximum setting bright enough under a sunny day?
  • Mounting footprint - Is it compatible with aftermarket mounts?
  • Machining quality - Any sharp edges? Anodized?
  • Turret feedback - Does each click feel positive?
  • Weight - Is it light enough compared to similar products? Lightweight is always preferred
  • Price - Are you paying for the brand?

Range Gear Testing

Range gear are judged based on practical use only. Not all range gear has to be super fancy or expensive to get a good review. Instead, they should serve a purpose.

  • Range bag - Is there enough space for everything you need?
  • Targets - Are they easy to set up?
  • Tools - Is it convenient to use overall

Gun Parts Testing

Firearm parts are subjected to ruggedness test as the primary criteria. Moving parts especially need careful evaluation as they experience constant vibration that can affect other parts of the firearm.

ar15 bolt head

Firing mechanism are subjected to functionality checks based on normal usage. They are only judged based on their functionality and ergonomics while being well maintained.  

ar15 lower receiver fit

Since we do not have the research and development budget, these review process may take up to 1 or 2 years of use to find all the subtle things that may not pop up right away in the beginning. Some may take even longer. These things include:

  • Cracks
  • Parts out of alignment 
  • Wear and tear
  • Deformation
  • Corrosion
  • Loose bolts
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