5 Best Red Dot Sights For Sig P365

This guide lists some of the best red dot sights for Sig P365.  These red dot sights are great for subcompact carry P365 and for training use. Some cost a lot more, while others are priced just right and still offer good durability.

Users can buy more expensive red dot sights for the P365 based on your budget and preference, it's important to note that there is a diminishing return on the value you get for your money, or buy the best product once and cry once.

This list include red dot sights at all price points.

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P365 Red Dot Sights

Holosun 507K - Best Overall

The Holosun 507K fits on the Sig P365 optic ready guns right out of the box

The Holosun 507K lets you pick from three dot options. You can choose a small 2 MOA dot, a big 32 MOA circle, or both. I've used it, and it's neat, but it doesn't change my shooting a lot. The 2 MOA dot is clearer in dim light and doesn't block the view.

The small 2 MOA dot moves easily. It shows when shooters wiggle too much, helping them aim steadily.

The Holosun 507K ACSS has a 250 MOA ring. If you lose the center dot during quick shots, this ring helps you find it again. It's a great aiming tool for small guns.


  • Very long battery
  • Side loading battery
  • RMSc footprint


  • Turret requires a very small tool to adjust

Holosun EPS Carry - Best Weatherproof

The Holosun EPS Carry is weatherproof and protects against rain, mud, and dust. No dirt can enter from the top, back, or sides. You can quickly set up this red dot sight on the Sig P365 using the K footprint to RMSc adapter plate. 

The EPS Carry has a side battery tray. This design lets you change the CR1632 battery easily without taking it off the slide or resetting the optic.

For Sig Sauer P365 users, the EPS Carry has a 6 MOA dot. This dot is large and clear in any light. It's also good for those with a mild astigmatism.


  • Full weatherproof
  • Side loading battery
  • K footprint to RMSc adapter plate included


  • Solar feature only works under strong ambient light

Cyelee CAT Pro - Largest Sight Window

The Cyelee CAT PRO Micro Red Dot Sight is a tiny open-reflex sight perfect for small pistols. It offers a good deal for those looking for an affordable red dot sight.

Even though it's priced like the Holosun, many believe the CAT PRO is worth it because of its quality. The sight has a big viewing window and looks fantastic on the Sig Sauer P365.

You can lock the dot brightness to avoid accidental changes when hiding the optic under clothes.

The window frame is sturdy. The lens frame sticks out a bit to protect the glass if the user needs to rack the slide against hard surfaces.


  • Beefy sight window 
  • Affordable
  • Extended forward lens frame protects the glass
  • Rear sight cut out is built in


  • Turret clicks not definite
  • Turret can't be adjusted with a shell casing

Swampfox Sentinel - Best For The Money

swampfox sentinel

Looking for the best red dot sight for the Sig Sauer P365? The Swampfox Sentinel is a top choice, thanks to its great sales and affordable price.

One cool thing about it is how easily it fits on the P365 optic ready slide. You don't need to change or file anything. Made with a 7075 T6 body, the Sentinel is strong for everyday use. But if you want better lens protection, consider adding the IRONSLIDES Shield.

The Swampfox Sentinel has a low-profile lens hood. This design lets shooters aim with both eyes and see targets clearly. There are two types to pick from: the Manual Model with "Shake ‘N Wake" to save battery, and the Auto Model that changes dot brightness with the light around you.

Want to improve how your P365's aims without spending a lot? Think about buying the Swampfox Sentinel.


  • RMSc footprint
  • Affordable
  • Super lightweight


  • Not definitive turret clicks when zeroing
  • Not weatherproof
sig romeo zero elite

The SIG SAUER ROMEO Zero Elite is a ultralightweight polymer micro red dot sight featuring the Touch Activated Programming system (TAP). This means the users with various hand sizes don't have to struggle touching buttons to adjust the dot brightness. The user just has to tap the hood of the optic to do so.

Many budget users have used this sight on their P365 and P365xl for years. Many users have reported that the battery lasts as long as other budget red dot sights over at least 15,000 hours, and the sight stays on most of the time. The sight is durable ONLY with the added steel shroud, but the button placement could be better. It's good value for range use, however, not recommended for duty carry.

Users can adjust its dot brightness and choose between two reticle options. I haven't tried all features, but it's been great so far. The back of the housing has grooves to reduce reflection, and there's a backup sight with Swiss SuperLuminova for seeing in the dark for quick reference point.


  • RMSc footprint
  • Affordable
  • Rear back up night sight
  • Interesting finger TAP dot adjustment feature
  • Added shroud protection


  • Not for serious duty use
  • Not weatherproof
  • Finger TAP adjustment may not work well when wearing gloves
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