4 Best Red Dot Sights For Springfield Hellcat

Looking for the best red dot sights for Springfield Hellcat? This guide has top choices for every budget. Whether you use your 9mm Hellcat for carrying or range training, there's a sight for you.

Some sights might be pricey, but remember: sometimes it's better to buy quality once than regret it later. And don't worry, we've included options for all price ranges.

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Springfield Hellcat Red Dot Sights

Holosun 507K - Best Overall

The Holosun 507K fits on the optic Hellcat right out of the box. We highly recommend using the DPP Titanium plate so that the optic is secured around the 4 recoil lugs on the slide to prevent lateral movement.

The Holosun 507K has three dot options. You can choose a small 2 MOA dot, a big 32 MOA circle, or both. I've used it, and it's neat, but it doesn't change my shooting a lot. The 2 MOA dot is clearer in dim light and doesn't block the field of view.

The small 2 MOA dot moves easily. It shows when shooters wiggle too much, helping them aim steadily.

For newer shooters who isn't too proficient at picking up the dot. The Holosun 507K ACSS has a 250 MOA ring. If you lose the center dot during quick shots, this ring helps you find it again. It's a great aiming tool for small guns.


  • Very long battery
  • Side loading battery
  • RMSc footprint


  • Turret requires a very small tool to adjust

Holosun EPS Carry - Best Weatherproof

Looking for a durable red dot sight for the Hellcat? Try the Holosun EPS Carry. It's weatherproof, so rain, mud, and dust won't be a problem. The design ensures no dirt gets in from the top, back, or sides. Installing it on the Hellcat is quick using the K footprint to RMSc adapter plate.

A standout feature is its side battery tray. You can swap the CR1632 battery without removing the sight from the slide or adjusting the optic settings.

For Springfield Hellcat and Hellcat Pro owners, the 6 MOA EPS Carry is a top pick. The dot is bright and easy to see in any lighting. It's especially useful for those with mild astigmatism.


  • Full weatherproof
  • Side loading battery
  • K footprint to RMSc adapter plate included


  • Solar feature only works under strong ambient light

Cyelee CAT Pro - Largest Sight Window

Looking for an affordable red dot sight in today's rising cost of living? Check out the Cyelee CAT PRO Micro Red Dot Sight. It's compact, making it ideal for small handguns.

While it's in the same price range as the Holosun, many think the CAT PRO offers better value because of its top-notch quality. With a large viewing window, it looks great on the 9mm Hellcat.

A useful feature is the ability to lock the dot brightness. This ensures no unintended adjustments, especially when concealed under clothing.

Its design is not only sleek but also practical. The lens frame extends slightly, offering added protection for the glass, especially when racking the slide against tough surfaces.


  • Beefy sight window 
  • Affordable
  • Extended forward lens frame protects the glass
  • Rear sight cut out is built in


  • Turret clicks not definite
  • Turret can't be adjusted with a shell casing

Swampfox Sentinel - Best For The Money

swampfox sentinel

Consider the Swampfox Sentinel, known for its popularity and budget-friendly price for your 9mm Hellcat pistol.

The best part? It fits seamlessly on the Hellcat's optic-ready slide, with no alterations needed. Crafted with a 7075 T6 body, it's durable for daily use. For an added layer of lens safety, you might want to get the IRONSLIDES Shield.

Its unique low-profile lens hood design ensures clear target visibility and allows aiming with both eyes open. You have two versions to choose from: the Manual Model, which has the "Shake ‘N Wake" feature to conserve battery, and the Auto Model, which adjusts dot brightness based on ambient light.

If you want to enhance your Hellcat's aiming without breaking the bank, the Swampfox Sentinel is a smart choice.


  • RMSc footprint
  • Affordable
  • Super lightweight


  • Not definitive turret clicks when zeroing
  • Not weatherproof
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