Sig Romeo 5 Review

In this Sig Romeo 5 review. I found some great features in this optic like the Aimpoint footprint and MOTAC built in battery saver. This is the optic to go on a tactical carbine without spending over $200, and I'll share some pros and cons in this review.

While most experienced shooters will overlook an optic like this, and steer new users to the expensive products. However, I've bought the Romeo 5 to see if it's a good for a tactical carbine, affordable choice for new red dot users to get started. 

Let's get started!

Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Physical Specs

  • Magnification - 1X
  • Reticle - 2 MOA Dot
  • Adjustment - 0.5 MOA / Click
  • Mount Footprint - Aimpoint Micro
  • Brightness - 8 DL&2 NV (Features MOTAC motion-activated illumination )
  • Battery Life - CR2032, 40000 hours with motion activation
  • Lens Coating - Fog proof performance
  • Construction - 6061 T6 housing + Anodized
  • Submersion - IPX7
  • Body Dimension - 62.7mm X 38.1mm X 38.6mm
  • Window Size - 1X20mm
  • Weight - 5.1 oz

First Impression

The Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 is compact and light. Its design is sharp, matching the unique style of the Sig Sauer brand. At first, I doubted its quality because of its low price.

But, it's durable as promised. The turrets are sturdy, and the lens is as clear as other reflex sights. The ROMEO 5 also fits the Aimpoint Micro mount. 


  • Sturdy red dot option under $150
  • Very light, ideal for centerfire guns and pistol-caliber carbines
  • MOTAC feature for battery life conservation
  • Compatible with all Aimpoint Micro mounts
  • Fully waterproof
  • Fog-resistant
  • Battery-saving mode included
  • Quick and easy battery replacement
  • Suitable for both daylight and night time use


  • Affordable for its features
  • Lacks a lens cap
  • Doesn't have night vision settings, but not a big deal breaker

Sig Romeo 5 Specs

Sig ROMEO5 Construction

The Sig ROMEO 5 is made of strong 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum. It's tough enough for regular use on carbines and PCC. The sight stays accurate and doesn't lose its setting.

With improvements in red dot technology, many optics now work as well as the costly ones. Plus, they're becoming more affordable. Both beginners and experts will find the Sig ROMEO 5 red dot a good buy at its price.

Window Size

The objective lens of 1X20mm resembles the Aimpoint Micro and other affordable choices. The class has no noticeable window tint, which means it's going to be clear to work under all lighting conditions to identify targets and to aim clearly. 

Window tint can be distracting and obscure the field of view, which is why this is the first positive thing I have noticed about the Sig Romeo 5.


Brighten up the red dot device when it's rainy, and it works great on cloudy days. Red dot devices need to work well in all conditions. The Sig Romeo 5 has 8 daylight settings, so you can pick the best one for the moment.

This red dot sight is very clear. It doesn't zoom in, so you can see with both eyes open. The Sig ROMEO 5 shows a simple 2 MOA dot in the center. Most red dots this size use a 2 MOA dot for quick aiming. If you set it right, the 2 MOA red dot will cover a 2" circle from 100 yards away. It's as accurate as other top brands.

People with astigmatism can use the 8 daylight and 2-night vision settings to see the dot better. If you have astigmatism, try using corrected glasses or a red dot magnifier to see clearly. Depending on your vision health, a smeared reticle will still be there even if you have dialed the diopter ring on the magnifier scope.

If you use one eye more than the other, train to aim with that eye. It helps with shooting. Remember, no red dot, even the Sig Sauer Romeo 5, can fix all astigmatism problems. To get better, practice a lot, make changes that work for you, and learn what you like best. Everyone can get better with their red dot sights by practicing and learning.

Reticle Brightness Settings

On a bright sunny day, you can clearly see the Sig Romeo 5 reticle when it's set to the highest daylight setting. It has many brightness options, so aiming in strong light is user friendly.

But on a cloudy day, if you turn the brightness up too much, the reticle looks like it's bursting with stars. It's best to lower the brightness until it looks clear to you.

So total 8 daylight settings and 2 night time settings.

Battery Life

The Sig Romeo 5 uses one CR2032 battery and lasts about 40K hours. You can change the battery from the side, just like the Aimpoint Micro. This optic has worked for 3 years without stopping. It turns off when not in use to save battery.

The Sig Romeo 5 also has a special MOTAC system. This system turns the optic off when it's not moving and turns it back on when it moves. So, if you put your rifle down and pick it up later, the optic turns on by itself. I've tested it many times, and it always works, even after using it at the shooting range for two years.

Turret Adjustment

This red dot sight adjusts by 0.5 MOA per click, which is common for 2 MOA red dots. The Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 offers a wide adjustment range: 100 MOA for height and 100 MOA for side-to-side movement. When setting it up on a typical gun, you have enough height adjustments to set the dot accurately.

The controls for height and side adjustments are open, without any protective covers. But considering its price, that's okay. What's great is that these controls are easy to use and respond well, even if you're wearing gloves in cold weather.

The control cap has a built-in flat edge to help you adjust the sight. It's marked with "Up/Right" to show how the shot will move, not where the dot points.

If you've ever been confused by a dot moving the opposite way of the control.


The Sig Romeo 5 is compatible with mounts made for Aimpoint T1, T2, H1, and H2. It also works with any riser mounts like the Unity Tactical 2.26" FAST mount or the Scalarworks LEAP 1.93" mount.

Final Verdict

Aimpoint Micro is a great optic, but many may be window shoppers and never end up getting one. The Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 is a budget red dot sight, and it's durable enough for a typical day on the range for training and competition use. Not everyone can spend $3K on a rifle setup especially if they are new. 

The optic is clear and features no lens tint make it much more favorable than the Aimpoint Micro.

For under $160, this is a great Aimpoint Micro alike red dot sight to purchase to go on a spare rifle or as a back up. The best part is that it can go on any aftermarket Aimpoint Micro mount, so users aren't stuck with the one came in the box.

While most shooters favor raised optic height. The 2.26" rise mount will make the SIG ROMEO5 satisfying to shoot.

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