Unity Hot Button Review

Some users advocate for the Hot Button, citing its constant on mode and ergonomic advantages, such as ease of use with forward pressure while C clamping the handguard. Conversely, several complaints about the Modbutton Lite include issues with light flickering, difficulty pressing the button, especially with gloves. 

unity tactical hot button

The Unity Tactical Hot Button is valued for its minimal rail space requirement, angled ergonomics, and compatibility with MLOK and M1913 platforms.

It shares the same high-quality plug and wire specifications as the ModButton, ensuring durable and reliable connections, especially suitable for SMGs, rifles and shotguns due to its compact design.

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Unity Tactical HotButton Switch Ergonomics

Some shooters preferred the Unity Tactical Hot Button for its comfort and functionality, including both momentary and constant on modes, despite requiring more thumb movement.

unity tactical hotbutton c clamp grip

Others noted that the choice is subjective and depends on the desired switch position relative to the thumb. The rail and mount type (MLOK or Picatinny) also influence the buying decision.

unity tactical hotbutton

M1913 Scout

Having experimented with both the Modbutton Lite and the Unity Hot Button, I confidently think that the Hot Button is a better option. Mounted at a 10 o'clock position on the handguard, it offers unparalleled comfort without compromising grip, even with the required thumb movement.

unity tactical hotbutton mlok

Its dual-functionality of momentary and constant on modes solidifies its standing as my clear preference, regardless of the additional feature. Personal preferences may vary, and trying both may be the best way to determine suitability for individual needs.

M LOK Scout

Hot Button Tail Cap Compatibility

The Unity HotButton works with all Surefire style tail cap. The Surefire DS00 is highly recommend that provides secondary activation for the light. Some users have reported the lumen intensity flickers if the connection isn't tight, so be sure to have a tight connection and check the condition of the tail cap.

unity tactical surefire plug

There are so many light configurations out there, and the Unity Tactical Hot Button is very ergonomic and slick light switch for shotguns and rifles.

Also laser plugs are available.

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