Can Playing COD Actually Improve Your Shooting In Real Life

Many people would agree that playing Call of Duty doesn't actually transfer skills into the real world. Yes that's true. but here are few reasons why playing Call Of Duty can actually teach you a lot about angles and situational awareness in tactical shooting.

Every avid Call of Duty player knows the importance of precision and a keen sense of aim.  It’s not just about spraying bullets and hoping for the best


Let's face it, whether you're a professional player or just the star player in your group, nothing jeopardizes your winning streak more than missing your shots. We've all been there: the frustration of missing a target, especially in crucial moments.

This is the same with a real firearm on a tactical shooting range. Missing shot because of poor body mechanics, overshoot weapon presentation or gear failure can ruin your aim especially if the stake is high. The Call of Duty game can actually teach the idea to aim down the sight early to anticipate a target rather than aiming down the sight at the last minute.

The concept of pre centering helps the shooter get on target faster before aiming down the sight.

Also this is a good lesson for picking your optic correctly. Using a magnified optic always zoom in the target too much at close range distances, and it will teach the player to try a red dot sight instead for CQB applications. The same goes in the real world.

Don't Rush

With games like Modern Warfare 2 and the newer Warzone 2, the time-to-kill (TTK) is almost instantaneous. This means you have to be swift and accurate. Centering is your best friend here. It involves positioning the crosshair at the center of your screen, anticipating where enemies might appear as you navigate the map.

A common mistake many players make is running with their gaze fixated on the ground or skyward. Centering eliminates that, ensuring you're always ready for action.

eotech pov

In the real world, the shooters can focus on the target plane and keep both eyes open to check for threats. It's the same idea that your body will follow what the eyes are looking. If the shooter can focus on the target plane, then the rest of the body can orientate the dot to where it needs to be. Practice to minimize wasteful rifle sway or over correction


Call of duty may be a fast paced FPS game, but it's a tactical shooter game that teaches shooters to watch their angles when clearing rooms. Gaining the angle advantage of any gun fight and be fluid with your movement is crucial to winning it.

This is all about situational awareness and constantly think about how you can maneuver and use covers to fight. Take cover, walk along the wall, watch all windows and doorways.

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