3 Best Walther PDP Trigger Upgrades

The Walther PDP comes with an amazing factory trigger. They called it the Performance Duty Trigger. It's Walther’s new and improved trigger system which has been achieved by shortening the length of travel and increasing the tactile definition of the trigger break.

But there are still aftermarket support to improve the trigger system further by reducing pretravel and reset distance. So here are 3 best Walther PDP trigger upgrades you can buy right now.

PDP Trigger Upgrades

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Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger Kit

For Walther PDP users looking to enhance their factory gun performance, the Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger kit features the TAC trigger design, renowned for its self-adjusting rearward press and minimal reset, advancing even the top-performing OEM triggers.

This upgrade ensures that every shot you take feels more controlled thanks to its self-adjusting rearward press and swift reset. No more prolonged waits between shots; with a 58% reduction in pre-travel and a halved total travel, you'll notice the trigger wall much faster.

Plus, the added bonus of customizability with two distinct trigger return springs lets you fine-tune your pistol's performance to your unique style. If you favor a substantial trigger pull, the kit's compatibility with the OEM return spring has you covered with a 5lb+ pull option. 

APEX Forward Set Trigger

The Apex PPQ Trigger works perfectly with the PDP. The trigger parts for the PPQ and PDP are the same, except for some minor visual differences.

Walther PDP users can significantly enhance their shooting experience by upgrading with the Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger and the Apex Tuned Trigger Bar.

This upgrade notably cuts the trigger movement for PDP users by about 40%. This means a more responsive and efficient shooting experience. Additionally, PDP shooters will enjoy a faster reset, allowing for quicker follow-up shots.

Moreover, the feel of the trigger pull and reset becomes much smoother. This contributes to a more consistent and controlled firing experience. When the trigger is pulled, it provides a clean and sharp snap, adding to the shooter's confidence.

Walther PDP Flat Face Trigger

dynamic performance trigger walther pdp

The new Dynamic Performance Trigger fits in All PDP Compact and Full-Size Models (*Does NOT fit the PDP F-Series Models). It's lighter, with less take-up and a quicker reset with the slightest trigger finger movement.

This makes it the best striker-fired trigger out there for the Walther PDP. The kit includes a flat-faced trigger, a trigger bar, and a fire control assembly. It's simple to install, just drop it in!

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