How To Convert Glock 43X To 48

Converting a Glock 43X to a Glock 48 is extremely simple. Basically Glock 48 is just a long slide version of the Glock 43X. All you have to do is swap out the internal parts from the 43X slide and put it into a stripped Glock 48 slide, and then add the barrel.

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Here are some top Glock 48 slide options you can check out:

Since slim frame Glock doesn't have firing pin channel liners, you can just swap all the parts from the Glock 43 to the 48 slide.

Here are some top Glock 48 barrel options you can check out:

If you want another set of slide parts including recoil rod, ejector, firing pin, trigger spring and all of it, you can get it here


Do I need a new recoil spring for the Glock 48

No, the recoil spring on the Glock 43 will fit the Glock 48.

Do I need to buy a firing pin channel liner?

No. Slim frame Glocks don't have that.

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