8 Best AR15 Barrel Manufacturers

Here are 8 best AR15 barrel manufacturers to consider when you are building your rifle or replacing the barrel. Most manufacturers make great barrels in different length and profiles.

Best AR15 Barrel Brands

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Faxon Firearms

faxon firearms barrels

Known for their affordable yet high-quality AR15 barrels, Faxon Firearms uses their aerospace background to produce barrels in-house. Faxon barrels are more accurate than most shooters, and particularly the 20-inch Gunner profile barrels suitable for precision shooting.

Their notable product is the “Gunner” profile barrel, which combines features from Government and Pencil profiles for heat resistance and reduced weight.

They offer various barrel lengths and types, including options for 5.56 chamber, .223 Wylde chamber, and barrels suitable for short-barreled rifles or AR-pistols.

Faxon barrels are sufficiently accurate for general purposes and that their value in terms of performance, price, and weight makes them an excellent choice for most needs. However, for sub-MOA performance, one might need to invest in a higher-end barrel.

Ballistic Advantage

ballistic advantage barrels

Ballistic Advantage manufacturer is praised for its diverse range of barrel profiles, catering to different needs from pencil profiles to heavy or DMR applications.

Achieving sub-MOA accuracy is not a guaranteed outcome with Ballistic Advantage barrels, especially under more rigorous testing conditions.

They offer barrels in various calibers, including .223 Wylde and 5.56 NATO, with unique features like the Hanson Barrel profile for reduced barrel whip. Most local gun shops carry their barrels as they have become a very popular barrel option for AR15 builders.

Fabrique Nationale (FN)

FN barrels stand out for their exceptional quality, often made using cold hammer-forged steel. This process not only ensures a denser and more durable barrel but also allows for more precise rifling, significantly improving accuracy.

Highly recommend using CHF FN barrel along with FN bolt carrier group for the best fit and accuracy.

The use of FN barrels in various firearms including the iconic SCAR rifles, M240 and M249 belt fed machine guns. If you want something that last, FN is the way to go.

Rosco Manufacturing

rosco mfg

Rosco MFG is an emerging brand known for a mix of reliability, accuracy, and affordability.

Rosco Manufacturing having faced some quality control issues during the pandemic, which seems to have been resolved as no recent issues have been reported.

Rosco Manufacturing offers barrels like the K9 series with a proprietary “Patrol Length” gas system for reduced recoil and improved reliability. They also provide options for complete build kits.


bcm mfg

Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) is highly regarded in the tactical community for its superior firearms and components. They have been around for a long time making no bs AR15 parts before other Gucci companies came to the market.

Some users have experienced issues like being overgassed, none sub MOA accuracy, or barrels being shot out prematurely, while other shooters assert that BCM barrels are reliable and perform well for their intended use with standard FMJ.

BCM barrels may not offer top-tier accuracy compared to some of the more specialized barrel makers, they are considered durable and reliable for general use and mil-spec applications.

Their barrels are made from high-grade steel with a chrome lining, enhancing durability and corrosion resistance. Chambers including 5.56 and 300 blackout. BCM offers a variety of barrel lengths and profiles, including lightweight, standard, and enhanced versions, catering to a diverse range of AR15 needs.

Daniel Defense

daniel defense mfg

Daniel Defense, known for their iconic M4A1 and MK18 rifles, and they also sell their cold hammer-forged barrels for AR15 builders. These barrels are made from a proprietary blend of steel, undergo rigorous quality control, ensuring consistency and performance.

Daniel Defense provides a wide range of barrel lengths and profiles including government profile, hanson, pencil and standard.

However, some barrels lack pre-dimpled feature for gas block installation, which can cost the builder even more money to buy jig or gun smithing services. But some customers believe that it offers flexibility for end-users to customize their setup according to their preferred gas block.

Rainier Arms

rainier arms mfg

Specializing in accuracy, Rainier Arms offers the Ultramatch series, which includes features like an 18-inch length, rifle-length gas system, .223 Wylde chamber, and stainless steel construction with TiN-coated extension.

After researching online forums and several gunsmiths, Overall, the sentiment is that Rainier Arms barrels are high-quality, though experiences vary, particularly concerning ammunition compatibility and specific barrel performance.

Christensen Arms

christensen arms logo

Known for pioneering carbon fiber barrels, Christensen Arms offers high-end barrels that excel in accuracy, durability, and barrel life. They provide a variety of calibers and lengths, with a focus on lightweight and high-performance barrels.

There have been some reports of firearms encountered significant issues with accuracy and point of impact with carbon fiber barrels, but for the most part they make good barrels, and their customer service could be a little better.

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