What Is Sub MOA Accuracy

In the perfect world sub MOA accuracy means means that the average distance between consecutive shots at a specific distance is less than 1 minute of angle, or roughly less than 1 inch at 100 yards. Basically the shot group is a size of a penny.

This level of accuracy is often the standard for shooters who require consistent and precise shot placement.

sub moa accuracy

Achieving sub-MOA accuracy depends on numerous factors including the right combination of barrel/rifle, ammunition, weather conditions, and shooter skill. The guarantee doesn't mean the rifle will shoot sub-MOA under all conditions.

Pursuing sub-MOA groups is inherently time-consuming and energy-intensive. That's just how it goes with precision—it either demands your time or your money, sometimes both.

Firearm Industry Shot Accuracy Standard

While many firearm companies as well as ammo and barrel markers market their products as sub MOA guaranteed. But in reality, they are often marketing gimmicks.

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After spending 15 years in the firearm communities, I understand that there is such thing as sub MOA groups under specific conditions where the ammo and everything else is perfect, but it doesn't guarantee consistent performance under varied conditions.

But the number one thing for accurate shooting has always been stability.

For close range shooting, it's a waste of time to worry about sub MOA accuracy. For long range shooting, it's very important.

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A clean rifle may achieve sub MOA accuracy better than if it's dirty or beat up. So there are many factors involved.

There's a consensus that higher-quality rifles from reputable manufacturers are more likely to meet sub-MOA standards, but even then, not all firearms will perform equally with all types of ammunition.

Shooter's Ability To Achieve Sub MOA Accuracy

Shooter's ability and environmental conditions playing a significant role in achieving sub-MOA accuracy.

While using portable benches or the bed of your truck might seem convenient for quick zeroing or relaxed shooting sessions, they won't cut it for precision work. Shooting from the bed of a truck, for example, can be tricky. Even a slight wind can nudge your vehicle just enough to throw off your aim.

sub moa accurate shooting ar15

Every tiny shake matters. That's why, unless you've got a bench as solid as one made from concrete pillars and slabs, shooting prone directly on the ground is the way to go. It completely eliminates the issue of bench wobble, giving you that rock-solid foundation you need for precise shooting.

In my experience, a simple bipod paired with a rear bag does the trick for achieving precision shots. A sturdy tripod, and shooting bags allows you to adjust the rifle's angle by simply squeezing it. In fact, I can't stress enough how valuable these bags are, especially if you're fine-tuning your aim or ensuring your rifle's zero is spot on. Given their affordability, there's no reason not to have one in your range bag.

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Building a sub-MOA rifle might be feasible, but the actual shooting skill required, especially beyond 100 yards, introduces numerous variables that no guarantee can cover. 

Especially for long range precision shots where a lot of external and internal ballistics are involved, and there is no way a sub moa guaranteed firearm can be accurate in every shooting scenario. 

Sub MOA Ammo

Shooters often achieve sub-MOA accuracy with a variety of calibers, particularly when using high-quality firearms and ammunition, along with precise shooting techniques. Some of the more popular calibers known for their potential to consistently achieve sub-MOA accuracy include:

  1. .308 Winchester: A staple in long-range shooting and hunting, known for its accuracy and versatility.
  2. 6.5 Creedmoor: Gained immense popularity for its flat trajectory and high ballistic coefficient, making it a favorite among long-range competition shooters and hunters.
  3. .223 Remington/5.56 NATO: Commonly used in AR-15 platform rifles, capable of sub-MOA groups particularly with match-grade ammunition and barrels.
  4. .300 Winchester Magnum: A powerful long-range caliber used by hunters and snipers, known for maintaining energy at long distances and capable of sub-MOA accuracy with quality rifles and ammunition.
  5. 6mm Creedmoor: Similar to the 6.5 Creedmoor but with a smaller bullet diameter, offering high accuracy, a flat trajectory, and less recoil.
  6. .260 Remington: Offers a good balance of recoil, ballistic performance, and accuracy, making it suitable for competitive shooting and hunting.
  7. 7mm Remington Magnum: Popular among hunters and long-range shooters for its flat shooting capabilities and ability to achieve tight groupings at extended ranges.
  8. .338 Lapua Magnum: Known for its long-range capabilities and use in military sniper rifles, capable of sub-MOA accuracy at distances well beyond 1,000 yards with the right setup.
  9. .22 Long Rifle (LR): While not typically associated with long-range shooting, in the right conditions and with quality ammunition, .22 LR rifles can achieve sub-MOA accuracy at shorter distances, such as 50 to 100 yards.
  10. 6.5 Grendel: Designed for the AR-15 platform, offering a good balance of ballistic performance and recoil, suitable for both competitive shooting and hunting at medium to long ranges.

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