How To Do A Glock 25 Cent Trigger Job

This is a step by step guide on how to do a 25 cent trigger job on a Glock handgun. All you need is some polishing compound and round up some internal surfaces to get a smoother trigger. 

I have this Glock 17 Gen 3 from 2011 and it has went through more than 2500 rounds and more, and I can definitely say this shoots much smoother than the factory trigger.

If you are not comfortable messing with your Glock trigger, please go to a gunsmith or buy a reputable drop in Glock trigger upgrade here.

Tools Needed

A Dremel tool can be your best friend in this process but a small file tool will do just fine. Just a light touch can leave the metal surfaces looking like polished chrome, ensuring they glide over each other more smoothly.

Any car polishing compound will do the job and you don't need that much anyway.

Glock Trigger Internal Parts To Polish

Safety Plunger

glock 25 cent trigger job plunger

The safety plunger has a glossy finish at its center, although some of the outer coating has begun to peel away. Despite this, it feels incredibly smooth to the touch. A practical way to assess its smoothness is by gently dragging a Q-Tip over it and checking to see if any fibers snag on the surface.


I actually switch out the factory connector with the Ghost connector. This part directly regulate the trigger's pull weight. The smoother it is on the end, the less gritty the trigger feels.

Polish just under these spots shown below:

glock 17 trigger job disconnector

Trigger Bar

When you pull the trigger, the trigger bar moves rearward, performing a couple of crucial actions. Firstly, it disengages the firing pin safety, ensuring the firing pin can move freely. By polishing this part, it reduces the friction between these contact points to make it smoother.

Polish this side to reduce friction between the connector.

glock trigger job trigger bar polish

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