3 Best Recoil Reducing Buffer Systems For AR15

If you are shopping for the best recoil reducing buffer system for your AR15. Here are a few options to consider while maintaining a reliable 16" barrel AR15.

When you think of the AR-15, the buffer might not be the first part that comes to mind. Yet, this seemingly unremarkable component, tucked away inside the receiver extension, holds significant potential to enhance your recoil experience.

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AR15 recoil can be tamed significantly by changing the buffer spring, buffer weight, gas system and the muzzle device. While a good muzzle device can minimize the muzzle drift, a good recoil reducing buffer can add to that performance without messing with the bolt carrier group or resort to a full rifle length system.

Top Rated Recoil Reducing Buffer Systems

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VLTOR A5 buffer - The primary advantage of the A5 system lies in its ability to use a rifle length spring, which you can also achieve with the Tubb flat spring that can enhance the performance of your AR-15 by providing the same force as a traditional A2 buffer spring, improving reliability and smoothness across various firing conditions

Geissele Super 42 - The super 42 isn't necessarily the best at reducing recoil but the braided spring wire has a much longer service life, better spring harmonics and it eliminates the "twang" sound in the buffer tube when firing

JP SCS Gen 2 - Enjoy a quieter shooting experience with the JP Enterprises GEN 2 Silent Captured Spring, designed to reduce the distracting noise typically made by standard M4 buffer springs and to reduce bolt bounce when seating the round in the chamber.

Do Heavier Buffer Reduce Recoil

Your firearm needs just the right amount of gas to cycle the action with force, but without going overboard. Too much gas means more recoil and quicker wear on your AR, while too little could lead to jams, feeding issues, or the bolt failing to lock after the last round.

Most factory AR 15 rifles are set up to be a bit heavy on the gas to ensure they keep running even under harsh conditions. But more gas isn't always better, especially when you're looking for a smoother and less jarring shooting experience, like in recreational shooting or competitions.

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This is where the buffer comes in, offering you a golden opportunity to fine-tune your AR's cycling. By adjusting the buffer's weight, you can dial in the perfect amount of reciprocating mass, leading to a lighter recoil and a smoother operation that suits your specific needs.

What Helps Reduce Recoil On AR15

Replacing your standard H buffer with a heavier ones is the easiest and most affordable way to reduce felt recoil and muzzle movement, and help with the loading cycle by adding more weight. 

Geissele buffer weight chart

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Heavier buffers like Colt's H1, H2, and H3 models, weighing 3.8, 4.6, and 5.4 ounces respectively, are available. The H1 has two steel and one tungsten weight, the H2 has one steel and two tungsten weights, and the H3 has three tungsten weights. You can upgrade from a standard buffer to an H3 and use its weights to make H1 and H2 buffers too.

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